10 DIY Phone Hacks by Wengie

Wengie is a popular YouTuber with over six million subscribers. She makes videos about makeup, beauty, DIYs, and everyday life hacks. In her video “10 DIY Hacks for your Phone,” she explains simple life hacks that make your phone a lot more fun to use! Wengie’s DIYs are fun, easy to do, and can help save money! Some of my favorite DIY hacks that Wengie explains in this video are:



For this hack, wengie simply cuts a tube sock at the heel. She then puts the longer half on her arm and double folds it, creating a pocket for her phone.



Wengie simply wraps her phone charger around a pen, then, with a blow dryer, she heats up the cord. Once the cord is cooled down, it keeps its new springy shape!



For this hack, Wengie cuts clear plastic into four trapezoid-shaped pieces and sticks them together. She then places the projector upside-down on her phone to create a 3D hologram!



Wengie shows us how to create a black light by placing a piece of clear tape over her phone’s camera lens and coloring it blue. She places another piece of tape over the first one and colors it purple. She then places a third piece over the second piece and colors it blue once more. DIY Summer Life Hacks by Wengie



Wengie demonstrates this hack by cutting a slit into a toilet paper roll. She takes two plastic cups and cuts a circle on the side of each one, then sticks them onto each end of the toilet paper roll. She then places her phone in the slit.


Other hacks explained by Wengie in this video are the phone wall projector, the glowing lava lamp, the phone stylus, the micro lens, and the lego man cord organizer.

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