Skout Helps You Meet People From Around The World

Skout is one of many social media apps on the market today that allows users to make friends with anyone around the world. The Skout app gives users a large list of people to choose from, and a simple tap on the touchscreen gives the user information about their new friends. New friends made online are often from near home, but Skout is introducing people to friends from all over the world.

#1: How Many People Meet Friends Online

Skout did a recent survey of its users to find out where everyone lives, and the results were quite staggering. Users on Skout from all over the world, but the most popular countries were America, UK, France and Australia.

#2: Is Skout Good For Dating?

Skout is an application on that connects people without pretense. Skout tells all its users that they can make friends, but there is no limit to how far friends can go after meeting on Skout. Skout is challenging social media applications like Zoosk with the openness of their system. Skout does not promise users they will find love, but people are finding love on Skout here and there.

#3: Why Is Skout So Simple?

Skout asks its users to sign up for accounts without giving up too much information. The information offered on Skout is basic in very respect, but users pick their friends based on a single picture. The conversations on Skout are easy to maintain, and the interface allows users to keep up more than one conversation at a time. Talking to a large group of friends is easy, and users will feel like they are some of the most popular people in the world when using Skout.

#4: Will Skout Users Get Bored?

Skout is implementing new features every few months to keep users interested. Skout does not use a desktop version to manage their accounts, and users must stay on their phones to use the app. Keeping users on mobile devices makes the process much easier for everyone, and Skout works hard to ensure every mobile user has a great experience. The significant dip in services users see from other social media sites does not happen on Skout. The service is stellar because Skout has but one platform.

Skout is a new breed of social media that does not force users to choose between mobile and desktop applications. One tap on a screen brings people closer together, and Skout consistently releases new updates that make the app as modern as possible. Users who are looking for an easy way to meet new people need not look further than the Skout app. Some users will find great friends, and other users will find the romance they have needed for so long.

How to Take Care of Pets Using Beneful

Animal like human beings need to be taken care of to ensure they enjoy life. Animal happiness can be ensured through many ways such as how they relate with the owner and most importantly how it is fed by the owner. To ensure the pet is healthy, it should be fed on balanced diets to ensure they have all that is needed by the body. Healthy diet also ensures that the pet are able to fight diseases that are brought by poor health. Dieting also keeps the animal in high moods and energy. The most common pet in all households is the dog. The simple reason as to why it is the man’s favorite is because of how it relates with human beings. It is helpful in many ways such as company, security and sometimes entertainment.

For a healthy pet, it must be provided with all the body requirements such as minerals and vitamins. It is however a hard task to find all these at a go and give them to the pet. Manufacturers have therefore come up with pet food that is made from a combination of all the ingredients that a pet requires in its body. This ranges from meat, fat, and minerals among other body requirements. There has been a misconception that pets like dogs can survive solely on meat which is protein. Research has however shown that they require other types of nutrients in their body that are found in other food apart from the meat.

A good example of such product is Beneful which is a special meal for dogs. It was made to make the work of dog owners easier when feeding the dog. It is made from a variety of ingredients that ensure a hundred percent balance. The product is one among many products manufactured by Purina which is a company that deals with dog care products. Among other brands that the company produces include Purina One and Alpo. There are also various Beneful brands with each having a special purpose. Examples of these brands include Beneful Originals with Real Beef, Beneful Playful Life, Beneful Healthy Weight and Beneful Healthy Puppy among others.  For example, Beneful Healthy Puppy is meant for growing puppies as it is rich in calcium which is largely needed by growing puppies.

Apart from ensuring the well-being of a pet through dieting, there are also other ways of taking care of a pet. Another way is through ensuring that it is free from diseases and pests.  A healthy pet is a joy to the owner and it is upon the owner to ensure that his or her joy is achieved through taking good care of the pet.

Handy Has You Covered

Handy the home cleaning Service Company is redefining how home cleaning services work. They are taking age-old chores and connecting you with skilled individuals who can help you get them complete. Through the use of a mobile app and the capability of online booking, it is making the process of finding a Handyman or Handywoman to help you get the job done easier than ever before. In less than 60 seconds, you can book a professional to help you take care of the home services that you need. Handy offers a lot more than just window washing and vacuuming though they are your full fledge home cleaning services and Handyman headquarters.

Home Cleaning Services By Handy
They can help with home cleaning services such as sweeping, mopping, dusting and all of that other time consuming dirty work that none of us like to do. They don’t even complain about doing windows, which let’s face it, is something that none of us likes to do. Their home cleaning services are unparalleled to their competition and so are their prices. If you need help cleaning your home, the professionals at Handy can help.

Other Services By Handy
They can also help with other time consuming things such as furniture assembly and interior painting. Putting together furniture is never as easy as it looks and sometimes it is just easier to let a professional handle it. They also have professionals that can help with light fixtures including the installation or changing of light bulbs as well as installation of new fixtures. They also offer moving help which is something that we have all needed at one time or another. They also offer many other services including TV mounting, curtain and blind installation, knobs and lock installations, garbage disposal, vacation rental cleaning, office cleaning, ceiling and bath fans as well as other plumbing and electrical services.

Background Checked and Offering Services Across the Globe
Handy offers services in the United States, the United Kingdom as well as in Canada. So whether it is simple home cleaning that you need help with or if you have other more detailed needs and just need a Handyman to help you get it done contact the professionals at Handy. All of the professionals at Handy are certified and background check for your safety. Handy screens everybody that works for them and also require references and in person interviews. Since Handy’s inception there have been hundreds of thousands of applications but only approximately 3% of those applications have been accepted for employment after vetting applicants through the process. Their application process ensures that only professional, respectful and dedicated individuals will arrive at your home or office to help with whatever services you need.

Frans Schoeman-One of the Successful Corporate & Commercial Attorney in South Africa

Corporate & Commercial Law is a section of law that deals with issues of concern to companies and organizations. The law often relates to issues such as securities, bankruptcy, contracts, financial services regulation, finance, and banking. It provides the legal framework within which business and company operations are conducted.

Corporate and commercial lawyers represent corporations or commercial entities. Their main objective is to work for the interests of their clients. Besides legal counsel, corporate and commercial lawyers may also be hired to provide business advice.

To be a corporate or a commercial lawyer, one must obtain a Juris Doctorate. Most corporations in the United States prefer lawyers who have these qualifications from a law school accredited by the American Bar Association. In addition, they prefer lawyers with attorney’s license that allows them to practice law in the U.S.

In South Africa, several law firms are specialized in matters of corporate and commercial law. Their area of practice spans a broad variety of services virtually in all areas of business, commercial and corporate law. These firms have competent lawyers with broad expertise and experience in addressing the broad range of questions that can challenge any organization in today’s competitive environment.

One of the lawyers in South Africa who has hit headlines in handling cases related to corporate and commercial law is Mr. Frans Schoeman on ireport.cnn. Frans is the Director at Phatsima Diamond, one of the reputable law firms in Bellville, South Africa.

Phatsima Diamond is committed in providing not only affordable services but also creative and customized services on matters related to national and international transactions in a broad range of industries. There numerous practice lawyers led by Frans Schoeman reflect the firm depth of expertise and experience in corporate and commercial law representation. In addition to corporate and commercial law, their lawyers also have expertise and experience in other specialized legal areas such as business and environmental law.

One of the questions that many people would probably ask is why they should consider Frans Schoeman. This guy is regarded as one of the most recognized lawyers in matters of corporate and commercial law, business law, criminal law, administrative law, international law and environmental law.

A reliable corporate and commercial law attorney is the one with several years of practice experience. Frans Schoeman has all the required experience to represent or advise people on matters of concern to the corporate and commercial law since he has been in practice for more than 20 years. Working together with his partner Mrs. Hélène Joubert, both have become a force to reckon in corporate and commercial suits. They have helped many people navigate through the complex corporate and commercial legal procedures and policies while advocating for their litigation and appeals.

CCMP Capital Gains a World Class Investment Reputation

CCMP Capital was formed in 2006 and is based in New York City. It has offices in other locations including London, Woodlands, United Kingdom, and Texas. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on crunchbase is an investments manager that specializes in transactions involving buyouts and growth equity within the upper middle market companies. This firm invests in the financial sector, industry, energy, media, telecoms, health infrastructure, and other sectors.

In consumer, retail, and service sectors, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital focuses on specialty retail business, direct marketing, service industries, and consumer packaged goods. In the media and telecommunications, the firm deals with consumer and trade publishing as well as programming and broadcasting.

In the industrial field, the firm makes investments that entail manufacturing, chemicals, distribution, and automotive sectors. CCMP Capital also ventures in exploration and production within the energy industry. It also handles power generation, service sectors, and renewable energy within the category of the energy industry.

CCMP Capital has also invested in healthcare infrastructure industry where it mainly focuses on services, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals. The firm was formed when it separated from JPMorgan Chase in 2006. It has invested close to over $12 billion in form of leveraged buyouts and growth capital from the time it was launched.

In 2007, CCMP Capital ranked number 17 among the largest private equity securities across the globe. It was originally founded in 1984 as Chemical Venture Partners to act as the arm dealing with private equity and venture capital for the Chemical Bank. CCMP Capital was also known as Chase Capital Partners and JP Morgan Partners.

The spinout of CCMP Capital came at a time when other spinouts of private equity groups were happening including those in leading investment banks like Morgan Stanley, City Group, and Deutsche Bank. In February 2004, the firm sold a pharmaceutical contract research company Medpace for around $900 million to Cinven.

The late Stephen Murray was the head and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital. Murray studied at Boston College graduating in 1984 with an economics degree. In 1989, Murray attained his master’s degree from Columbia Business School where he studied business administration. He co-founded the private equity and venture investment firm known as CCMP Capital in August 2006 and the following year, he was named the CEO.

Murray has been a board director in various companies such as AMC Entertainment, The Vitamin Shoppe, Generac Power Systems, and Aramark. In running its business, the CCMP Capital uses its leveraged understanding of the industry and combines that with the strengths in proprietary operating resources to invest in various sectors ranging from consumer and retail through industry, health care, to energy. The firm has a powerful value creation model and very active management, which has allowed it to be a world-class investment giant.

Why I Buy Beneful For My Dog

My dog, Tucker, just turned 11. In his younger years, I was a bit haphazard with the food I fed him. I would just kind of go to the grocery store and buy whatever was on sale, not paying attention to the brand, what the food was made out of, or how nutritious it might be for my little guy. When he was younger, that wasn’t so much a big deal, but now that he’s started to get older, his reactions to food have started to kick in.

When I purchase food made out not the best ingredients it can cause stomach problems for Tucker and his older tummy. If you’ve ever had a sick dog, then you know what a mess that can be. When he reacts poorly to food, he also loses his ability to wait to use the bathroom when we’re on walks, ending in a mess in my home. When he is able to wait, sometimes accidents happen on the sidewalk, and aren’t exactly the consistency that’s easy to pick up while we’re on the move.

All that, along with a concern for Tucker’s ongoing health is why I ultimately decided to switch him to Beneful. Beneful is made out of wholesome ingredients, and packs a lot of nutrition for my older pup. While the type I guy isn’t made specifically for older dogs, I feel like Im getting him the nutrition he needs while also purchasing something that’s affordable.

Beneful on facebook is available at a number of different retailers near my house, and tends to be available most places I shop when I travel as well. That means that even if I’m in a pinch, I don’t have to worry that I’ll need to switch Tucker’s food and accidentally cause him any issues.

So, can opt to give him chicken one week, and them lamb the next. For special occasions, like Christmas and his birthday, I can also give him Beneful wet food. That way he’s still getting a treat, but he’s getting one that I know is going to be both safe and nutritious for him to eat.

If I had to do it all over again, I probably would have started him on Beneful when he was a puppy. He really enjoys the food, and it’s easy to buy.

Clean Power Plan Supported By Andy Wirth


The CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, Andy Wirth has shown his backing for the Clean Power Plan being pushed forward by many in the positions of power within California. After news came through that local officials in Reno had vited in favor of the plan, Wirth published an op-ed in the Reno Gazette-Journal backing the decision of the lcoal officials. Wirth has quickly become a valued member of the Reno and Olympic Valley communities after he was appointed to the positions of President and CEO of the resort that acted as the hoe of the 1960 Winter Olympics.

Wirth links the use of dirty power sources with the many environmental problems facing California at the moment, including the drought and wildfires that are damaging the landscape. Wirth has himself volunteered as a firefighter and takes an actove interest in protecting the environment of the area in his business and personal interests. The many interests of Andy Wirth now include the completion of triathlon’s, which he began to undertake after a skydiving accident left him with life threatening injuries in late 2013. Now almost fully recovered, Wirth has taken on a more substantial role than ever before in his voluntary positions, which include being chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board.

The op-ed written by Andy Wirth shows the great understanding the former President of Steamboat Springs Winter Sports CLub has for the environmental issues facing California and the world as a whole. Andy Wirth believes the bsuiness leaders of California have shown the way for local government officials in adopting the Clean Power Plan, which he believes should be adopted immediately by all local authorities to change the way power is supplied. Clean power sources are required now, in the eyes of Wirth, who does not believe the world has time to wait for the introduction of the leatest clean fuels.

Cruelty Free Carnival Of Colors

Skin creams and makeup are just a few items that can provide confidence and assist us in showing the world a prettier face. However most don’t stop to consider how these products were made, particularly if animals were harmed. Sadly many cosmetic companies experiment with chemicals using animals, causing the voiceless creature to be exposed to dangerous materials causing suffering and its life to end too early. It is important when buying a new brand to choose a product that is cruelty-free to protect animals. One makeup company that you can be sure has never experimented on defenseless animals is Lime Crime on dollskill.

Being a cruelty-free cosmetic does not mean it is boring. Lime Crime guarantees consumers that their product offers vigorous, true-to-photo colors ranging from candy neon colors to subtle shades. Lime Crime was accepted to use the Leaping Bunny approved logo which indicates they indeed use cruelty-free measures in their product manufacturing (Leaping Bunny was created to assist consumers in locating animal-friendly products that were trustworthy).

With less than a thousand dollars, CEO Doe Deere founded Lime Crime because she could not locate cosmetics offering colors to allow self-expression. Deere solved this issue by creating cosmetics for lips, eyes and nails for men and women of any age and not tested on animals. Lime Crime’s lipsticks are of stunning quality. For example many black and red lipsticks can be difficult to wear because this shade (particularly black) can resemble a Halloween costume and look awful but Deere’s lip stain is exceptional. Of course one must still do touch ups in the lip corners however it stays on well and actually looks like the color in the photo.

Versatility is also what Lime Crime is about. Their Zodiac glitter can be used on lips or eyes or actually anyplace! One can create dazzling mermaid lips using Carousel Gloss in Snowsicle for the base, then gently dab on the glitter (visit Lime Crime’s official website for step-by-step instructions to achieve this look). The colors of the Zodiac glitter will change according to which angle you are standing and the cute little little jars go a long way. Lime Crime didn’t forget nails either, especially if you enjoy using bright colors which are smooth and opaque that you can achieve with just two coats.

For lips and eyes that people will instantly gaze at, nail color used alone or for art, do visit the Lime Crime web site.

Ken Griffin

Many new college students are stressing about making friends, selecting the right major, joining the right organization, and making the right grades. However, Harvard freshman Ken Griffin had other things in mind. As a freshman he was already making investments. By his sophomore year he started a hedge fund. He capitalized his fund by the donations of friends and family. His humble beginnings consisted of his work space being his dorm room where he installed a satellite in order to be able to get real-time market data. The work space included a fax machine, a personal computer, and a telephone. Griffin’s success in the his first fund allowed him the ability to be able to manage two funds by the time he graduated from Harvard.

His success did not end in college. Ken Griffin continued to work hard and made smart investments. His investments allowed him the ability to start Citadel in 1990. He is currently the firm’s Chief Executive Officer. Citadel is a diverse financial institution consisting of many parts. The company includes an alternative asset manager, a liquidity provider, and a solutions provider for investment management technology. The companies success can be attributed to many things. The company prides its self on hiring top talent, focusing on research, and having a great ability to monetize investment ideas. Griffin also believes that an important investment to make is in his employees.In March 2015 Citadel was named amongst the Top Ten Great Work places in Financial Services. Employees reported enjoying working in a collaborative work environment, enjoying perks like free lunch and fitness centers, and even museum tours.

According to Forbes Griffin’s current net worth is 7 billion dollars. He was often named amongst the top 10 richest people under 40. Now at 46 he has not slowed down. Griffins has created his wealth through hedge funds and other self made methods. He is also known to be very generous with his wealth. Griffins is a big supporter of educational causes that improve communities. He serves on the board of the Chicago Public education fund. Griffin’s donations have totaled over $500 million. His most notable donation was to the financial aid department of his alma mater, Harvard University in the total of $150 million, which is the largest they had ever received in a single donation.

Griffin is a member of many business organizations some including the Economic Club of Chicago and G100. He also supports Chicago’s cultural and civic centers. Ken Griffin also manages to find time to parent two young children.

What started as just a few investments has grown to a company with more than 100 employees and over $1 billion in investment capital. Citadel continues to perform well and Griffin is ranked the fourth richest hedge fund manager in 2015. The work of this dedicated freshman has more than paid off.

Handy’s Home Cleaning Services Online

We are currently running on an internet driven economy where every aspect of our lives are affected by or influenced either positively or negatively by the growing internet usage globally. The best thing about the internet is the fact that it brings people closer. In the communication sector, the internet has made issues to do with connectivity easier. Today people living words apart can talk and see each other in real time using the internet on the various video and messaging platforms available at their disposal. Internet has turned the world into a global village where everything can be accessed all in the web.

As a result, businesses have taken up the challenge to shift with the changing business environment. The growth in eCommerce has changed the flow of business as we knew it and service providers have taken their businesses to the internet to take advantage of the current shift and opportunities therein. Handy Home Cleaning Services has taken the challenge to run their business online which is a huge step for the company. The company has brought a fresh new look on the home cleaning industry. The company has come nearer to the people through the internet and it has been doing well in the recent past.

The services that the company offers its clients are high demanded especially in the United States. With the current busy lifestyles and professional pursuits, people can barely get enough time to do their house chores. This has led to the rise in the demand for home cleaning services where Handy come in to help. Handy being a new company trying to make good footings in the various cities in America has been taking its time to study the market. One of its strategy in developing a good stable business is focusing on quality.

The company had a rough time while coming into the market because of its poor planning and misplaced priorities. For instance, it came in trying to establish branches all over the American market anticipating for accelerated growth. While it’s okay for a startup company to pursue growth, prudence dictates that you seek customer loyalty first. The company realized its mistake early enough and stopped its growth pursuits to focus on the quality of its services. Since the company changed its focus, the results have been impressive. The company has registered a groundbreaking record of 1million bookings in the last one year.

This growth is an indication of what the market looks like and how future predictions will state. If handy registered half a million bookings over the last seven month and two moths alter the bookings have risen to the one million mark, the prospects are good. The growth of the company is taking quite a fast turn and this can only be attributed to the growing demand and the quality of services offered.