The Trial of Oscar Pistorius

The trial of Oscar Pistorius was a trial that involved the case of murder with regards to several gun-related cases. This particular case opened in the high court of South Africa and was opened to the public in March of 2014. Oscar Pistorius was accused of the murder of Reeva Steenkamp. However, the judge of the case decided that the verdict was not guilty with regards to murder. The judge did reach the verdict that Oscar Pistorius was guilty of culpable homicide as well as guilty of reckless endangerment with the use of a firearm at a crowded restaurant. For the crimes that Oscar Pistorius committed, he was sentenced to five years for the culpable homicide and three years for the reckless endangerment conviction.

Mr. Pistorius was a South African runner who competed at a high level at the 2012 Summer Olympics. The events of the murder occurred in 2013 when Pistorius’ girlfriend was shot by him early in the morning. Mr. Pistorius stated that the shooting was an accident as he thought that his girlfriend was an intruder. The very next day, Mr. Pistorius was taken in custody and was charged with the murder of his girlfriend. The entire trial was allowed to be broadcast on television as well as on the radio.

One notable legal analyst who was involved with the case was Brenda Wardle. She provided legal analysis for this high profiled case at the time when Oscar Pistorius was put on correctional supervision. Mr. Wardle’s three law degrees have helped with creating the best case for her client and to analyze any situation effectively and efficiently.

Brenda Wardle was able to lend her expertise on the legal matter as she has published numerous articles in South Africa that concerned the presidential pardon as well as security clearances. One of the biggest things that she fights for are the pre-trial rights that everyone should have. She is a firm believer in the idea that everyone is innocent until they are proven to be guilty. Ms. Wardle was able to use her digital marketing skills and her gift with the media to discuss the case that concerned Mr. Pistorius. Thanks to her gifted skills as an analyst, she has been able to assist in finding the best sentence for Mr. Pistorius and his actions. Ms. Wardle believes that though he killed his girlfriend, it should be understood that it was an accident.

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Premium Dog Foods: Only the Best for Your Pet

The pet food industry is growing rapidly, and it is currently valued at $23.7 billion, making it one of the most profitable businesses. This is largely attributed to millions of pet owners who want nothing but the best for their companions. Richard Thompson, the CEO of the Freshpet Inc. in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is very much aware of the consumers’ need for perfection in their pets’ food. He ensures that his products are made from the best preservatives, fresh ingredients and limits the time the food takes on shelves. Their dog food is so delectable that Michael Hieger, his manufacturing chief, has no reservations when he pops a slice of their Chunky Chicken & Turkey Recipe into his mouth. Freshpet is among the innovators in the pet food venture that are attracting many pet lovers with healthy foods that are almost similar to what you put on your table. Traditional pet-food makers are being forced to step up their marketing game by stiff competition from upstarts, such as Blue Buffalo and Freshpet, who are transitioning the fresh and healthy movement to pet victuals. Colgate-Palmolive has developed kibble that helps your dog lose weight while Nestlé’s Purina has a site where owners can customize unique blends for their dogs. Mars Purinastore‘s Nutro Farm’s Harvest Line, made with cranberries and blueberries, is an effort to tap into the raging farm-to-table trend. Mar’s Cesar Home Delights line offers beef stroganoff and lasagna for dogs while Milo’s Kitchen sells grilled beef burger and duck jerky treats manufactured with artificial colors and flavors. Purina’s Beneful offers a wide range of wet dog food in various textures. There are over 20 varieties of wet dog food for owners to choose from. These varieties include beef, chicken, pork and even lamb. Beneful Brand Baked Delights is a range of oven-baked dog snacks that are available in various tastes such as bacon and beef. The treats also cover a wide range of textures, from crispy and airy crackers to savory shortbread cookie dog snacks. The strategy of having pets eat like their owners is working for pet food companies. With new ideas popping up almost daily, the pet food industry is set to grow in the coming days. Despite being more expensive than ordinary dog food, premium dog food sales are on the rise and can only get better from there. Big companies are fighting back by acquiring smaller upstarts and coming up with dog food innovations. Some of these innovations include Purina’s Bright Minds, a recipe for senior dogs, and Freshpet’s refrigerated dog food line.

Nobilis Health’s Growth and Excellence in Care Service Delivery

The healthcare sector stands as one of the largest industry in the world. The demand for healthcare services according to google is always high. Medical professionals encourage regular checkup even for individuals, who are fit. The change in climatic conditions and lifestyles are some of the factors weakening the immunity of people. There is definite diagnosis and treatment plan that requires to be mastered before an individual qualifies as a medical practitioner. Wrong prescriptions and diagnosis have led to many deaths. Some facilities continue operating despite lacking enough equipment, infrastructure, and trained personnel. The year 2014 was a successful one after established healthcare companies in the United States embraced the Affordable Care Act. Most of these companies were involved in a series of acquisition and mergers. They sourced for new partners in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. A Huge emphasis is placed on health care, the State’s Supreme Court plans to ensure all the companies have adopted the Affordable Care Act. The 2016 presidential aspirants promise enticing packs for patients and investors.  The savings are supposed to be channeled into the most critical sectors such as cancer facilities. There is a need to invest in research to come up with new diagnostic technique, treatment methods, and drugs. New products that shift from the old-fashioned style of handling healthcare sector to the modern style that revolutionizes the delivery, financing, and consumption of medical services. Most companies that offer diverse solutions that integrate care and funding have accrued profits and attracted a large number of patients. Nobilis Health owns and manages surgical facilities in the United States. The company is based in Houston, Texas. On April 2, 2015, Nobilis sealed a $25 million deal with GE Capital reported by insidertrading. The finances were used to spearhead the company’s growth effort. The outstanding balances were cleared, and Athas Health was acquired in full. The company accomplished its initial 2015 objectives of reducing borrowing and strengthening the capital structure. Nobilis intends to maintain its continued growth for the remaining part of the year. Nobilis possesses a highly trained and experienced team of professionals who offer quality care service. The medical experts operate ten hospitals comprised of six ambulatory centers, acute care facility, and surgical facilities. The company was busy in merging and acquisition in 2014. It acquired the first hospital for a record $7.5 million in cash.

A Noble Cause for Animals

There is a current money-raising program that is ongoing. This fundraiser is an animal rescue and adoption initiative that is taking place in Crowdrise. This charity program is being run by Jon Urbana. This is on behalf of the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society. This society is a nonprofit organization that provides a haven and shelter for cats without homes. They stand against cruelty to animals and seek to prevent their mistreatment. Like Urbana’s company Ellipse USA, its operations are based in Denver.
Jon Urbana, who is spearheading the fundraising program, is the Director of Ellipse USA and co-founder of the Next Level Lacrosse Camp. He has two websites where you can learn more about him – and his official blog, where he talks about the life of an entrepreneur.

Urbana is in charge of Business Development at Ellipse USA in January and has been since 2013. He overlooks the progress made by the company in Ellipses Revolutionary IPL awareness, shares his Instagram pics, is in constant communication with Regional Managers and is in charge of the marketing department. He co-founded Next Level Lacrosse Camp in January 2013. He has been running the camp from then to date. As he hails from Denver; he based the camp in Colorado. The camp opens every year, and Urbana instructs the campers to help sharpen their skills in lacrosse. He gained his knowledge from the years he played Villanova lacrosse.

Jon is skilled in strategic planning, marketing strategy, entrepreneurship, and sales. From 2001 to 2005 he attended Villanova University where his studies were in Bachelor of Arts, Economics He currently has a Federal Aviation Administration’s Airmen Certification and membership in the Executives and Business Leaders Network. He has received some music awards and others on the lacrosse field, like the Tewaarton Award Watch list and the CAA Defensive Player of the Year.

The Animal Adoption and Rescue Society are keen on rescuing animals from non-favorable conditions and providing a suitable habitat for them.

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This fundraiser is to help raise more funds to help further their cause after which they can increase their activities and reach more animals. The money will also help in ensuring they can support the services they offer. It is proper to say that this is more than a noble cause!