Just Like You!

Small pet food companies all over the globe are starting to release new pet foods that are completely organic, preservative free, and claim to be the healthiest thing that your pets can eat. Some go so far as to tell you that their foods are as good for your pets as what you serve on your kitchen table for your human family. This growing trend in dog food has made the bigger companies sit up and take notice to what their consumers are really wanting for their special four legged family members. With so many families wanting to change their lifestyle to revolve around health and wellness, it’s no wonder that those same families want the same for their family pets.

Purina Beneful is one of those companies that have really taken notice to what you want for your pet. You want your pet to get the best it can without all the crazy filler ingredients, preservatives, and artificial flavorings. Well, they’ve listened. Beneful wet dog food has undergone a complete makeover and is ready to join the health and wellness of your family. You and your pets are going to love the fresh ingredients and the great taste.

Beneful’s Chopped Blends are a special breed of wet dog food all together. They’ve blended the freshest meats like turkey, chicken, beef, salmon, lamb, and liver with even fresher vegetables like pease, spinach, carrots, and tomatoes to make sure that your pet is getting 100% of what they need and love in every bite. Top these fresh Beneful ingredients off with brown rice, barley, and sweet potatoes and it is no wonder why owners and pets love this food!

Fresh ingredients are all the rage when it comes to feeding your family pet. Pet owners don’t mind paying more when they can see first hand that their animals are getting the best they can offer them. Your pets will have longer, happier, and healthier lives by making the smart choice to feed them foods that are high in nutritional value and taste great to them! They can be just like the whole family when you make the choice for them to have a healthier diet and more active lifestyle, just like you!


Dog food innovations making the industry explode

Beneful‘s line of wet food come with only real ingredients which are finely chopped to make it palatable for your beloved pet. The little bits of real meat and vegetables are covered in sauce that bring out the delightful texture and shine. It is so easy to break apart with a fork that you will have to keep yourself from stealing your dogs treat. With the smell of thanksgiving it will really get you and your pets mouth watering. There is a combination of chunky meats, vegetables and whole grains that your dog can enjoy. All come in a resealable container so if your pet does not manage to finish the meal you can easily store it in the fridge for the next meal. The Beneful Medleys are only made with real meat, and nutritious vegetables, topped with a generous helping of sauce which will leave your dog longing for more.

Beneful line of dog food can be purchased nationwide in grocery stores, pet shops and mass markets. The Beneful brand dog food also offers coupons on Purinastore.com for those looking to save some on their next purchase. These can be found online on Facebook, in magazines or newspapers and occasionally in the packaging of the pet food. If you would like to contact a Beneful representative just send them an email or call them on 1-888-236-3385. The staff at Beneful are always happy to help and have your dogs wellbeing at heart.

On a tour of the Freshpet Inc factory in Bethlehem Pennsylvania there was a possibility to taste some of the dog food that was being manufactured here. So you might think why would humans taste dog food, well this is no ordinary dog food, this is gourmet refrigerated dog food. The little chunks reminded you of Thanksgiving. This is a rapidly growing market which is now making annual sales of $23.7 billion. There are many other companies taking similar approaches trying to win over customers and their beloved pets. From gourmet to treats and everything in between is catered for.



Defecting from North Korea Not Only Brought Terror, But Hope

North Korea, “The Hermit Country,” is shrouded in darkness. It is a country that remains largely a mystery to the outside world. “North Korea was and is dark,” said human rights activist Yeonmi Park. “The electricity goes out often, even in the cities.” Yeonmi and her family defected from North Korea when she was a teen. She had witnessed the execution of others at a young age. The country experienced a famine, and Yeonmi’s family was faced with starvation. “The regime controlled everything,” Yeonmi recalled on The Reason. “I can remember when we had a single bag of government rice to feed three of us for a month. Sometimes we were given frozen potatoes, but we would eat what we could find. Even grass.” Photographs of Yeonmi’s early life reflect the bleak mood set by the Kim Jong-un regime. There are no smiles to be seen, not even the slightest hint of happiness. “I watched as my friend’s mother was executed for watching a James Bond movie,” Yeonmi said. “I had watched Titanic. There is only one television station in North Korea.” Yeonmi and her mother made a daring escape from North Korea. They traveled through the dead of night, through the frozen and dangerous terrain. Yeonmi cried but knew they must keep moving. When Yeonmi and her mother reached China, they thought they would be able to begin living life. Yeonmi’s mother was instead raped by the smugglers that aided them in their journey. Thirteen-year-old Yeonmi was forced to marry and work as a sex slave. The Parks were later freed and made their way to South Korea. Their senses were overwhelmed by sights and sounds they had never seen or heard before. Their emotions were also overwhelmed with feelings that they could not describe. “We did not have words for these things in North Korea,” Yeonmi said. “Stress and mental illness. They did not exist.” Yeonmi enrolled in college where she learned about human compassion. Those teachings inspired her to write a memoir of her ordeal and to take a stand against North Korea as a human rights activist.

In Control of Your Communication With Securus Technologies

Defining Securus Technologies
Securus Technologies will put you in control because it is an all-in-one account management company based in Dallas, Texas. It is the solution that leaves you in full control of inmate communication between you and your incarcerated loved one. It will provide you with a number of superior features including access 24 hours a day. Everyone can have access to their account from the following:
* personal computer
* smartphone
* tablet
This is patented technology that does provide excellent alternatives to inmate phone calls that lead to public safety.

The Release of the Mobile Video Visitation App
Securus Technologies has announced their latest launching. They have launched a mobile application for video visitation. This app is available for the following:
* Android smartphones
* tablets
* mobile application
* iPhones
* iPads
* iPod touches 
The video visit mobile application is another method that provides a convenient way to visit with an incarcerated individual. This is a helpful app that allows you to remain in contact with any incarcerated loved ones. This is an app that will allow for visits and maintaining connections. Previously, all family and friends who wanted to remain in contact with a loved one who was incarcerated had no choice in how they could participate in a visit. This is an app that will make certain that visitation with your loved one will be convenient and clear. This new application will be good for all needed communication during an incarceration. This is great because it will allow the family and friends to share their every day happening with those who are in jail. This will keep the parents and children engaged in family events. This is safe communication that will be good for everyone.

Securus is Made Simple 
Securus has made it simple to connect with your loved ones who have been incarcerated. This is a technology that is easy and effortless. These improvements have led to a boost in business and, in turn a expansion in leadership. This is taking control in Communication. You will appreciate having the ability to access your entire account and the activity. This has been made simple to stay completely up-to-date with all of your communication matters and concerns. This includes TextPay and AutoPay features. There is more information about Securus Technologies provided on this link.

Doe Deere Reveals Her Fashion Rules To Break

Doe Deere is a name that has a growing level of recognition amongst the fashion industry and those who are looking for the most forward thinking fashion followers in the world. Deere rarely discusses her work outside of her own blogs and social media posts, which are eagerly awaited by her millions of followers looking to see how she approaches fashion and personal style in the 21st century. Deere believes the fashion industry has become out of touch with the customers they are creating products for; Deere has now completed an interview designed to explain how she creates her own style by ignoring the common rules of pattern and cosmetics use.

The initial steps into the fashion industry of Doe Deere fell in the footsteps of her predecessors who learned their skills at fashion colleges; Deere studied in the cultural melting pot of New York, and brings her own range of experiences traveling from her native Russia to the U.S. to her LimeCrime brand.

Doe Deere took a different path to her contemporaries almost as soon as she completed her fashion training when she embarked upon a fashion line of her own with unique styles sold via an Online marketplace. The initial attempts at creating the LimeCrime brand included Deere attempting to market her clothing line with unique cosmetics styles, unfortunately she failed to find products that could be used successfully to create the image she had created. The rule breaking nature of Deere led to her creating her own range of cosmetics that fitted with the image she had hoped to create.

Doe Deere has spent a large amount of time breaking the traditional rules of the fashion industry that have dominated society for many decades. The idea that certain patterns cannot be teamed together is ignored by Deere who would rather her followers embark upon their own image and personal sense of style. Cosmetics feature heavily in the rules of fashion the founder and CEO of LimeCrime is looking to overcome for her followers; traditionally, strong makeup options could not be teamed together or used with vibrantly colored hair, but Doe Deere is confident her followers will do whatever it takes to feel good about themselves now and in the future.