Sanjay Shah’s Terrific Ascent to Founder of Charitable Organization

In 2014, Mr. Sanjay Shah founded Autism Rocks, a charitable organization for raising funding for autism research, three years after his son Nikhil was diagnosed with a disorder in the autism spectrum. Autism Rocks featured Prince its first year, and has since hosted Snoop Dogg, Drake, and Lenny Kravitz, amongst others. Donors can purchase tickets for a number of specified purposes, including the organization’s art program, support group, and scholarship funds.
Sanjay Shah has a firm grasp on finances, formerly an accountant for more than twenty years. Mr. Shah has worked for the likes of Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley, two premier international financial institutions. Sanjay prospered as a financial professional, but decided up incorporating his own business venture, which has since paid off for him. Solo Capital Group Holdings is the result of Shah’s independent works, proving far more worthwhile than working as an accountant. The conglomerate’s flagstaff firm, Solo Capital Partners, was founded in 2011, paving the way for other opportunities for Mr. Shah.

Brothers Pete and Will Best have recently listed on RegisterFCA to have been selected to Autism Rocks’ board of trustees. Will has a lengthy history as a professional television producer, providing a strong base of knowledge and expertise for working with celebrities and entertainment events. Pete was most recently the Chief Operating Officer of London-based investment firm Icap until accepting a position on the board of trustees for Autism Rocks.

Sanjay Shah has brought much-needed attention to autism through Autism Rocks, which is currently the world’s fastest-growing developmental disorder. Autism Rocks has raised immeasurable awareness for autism and millions of dollars for autism research at Cambridge University.

With extensive financial experience and as the father of a child with autism, Sanjay Shah is truly a prime candidate on Global- Citizen for increasing Autism Rocks’ success. Sanjay is very involved with the organization — Mr. Shah and his wife have even donated to Autism Rocks themselves. The event is planned for August of this year.

The original press release from which information herein is based upon was published by The Sunday Times,

George Soros Largest Donor to Clinton Campaign


George Soros has given Hillary Clinton’s super PACs over $8 million dollars so far in her bid to become president, according to Politico. He is the billionaire investor who was born in Hungary. He once made $1 billion dollars betting that the European Union would have to devalue their pound. More recently, he has been warning investors that the current situation resembles 2008 in many ways. George Soros has been outspoken on Greece’s financial problems and on China’s problems. He is also the founder of the Open Society Foundation that works on human rights issues around the globe. His gifts are the largest that Hillary has received so far in the election. The vast majority of his gift was made to Priorities USA Action. While this super PAC can legally have no connection with Hillary, it has come out to wholeheartedly support her.
The second largest contributor to Priorities USA Action is Euclidean Capital that has contributed $3.5 million. This is the hedge fund operated by James Simmons. Unlike Soros who is said to have a net worth of $24.9 billion, James has a net worth of $15.9 billion. He has long supported the Clintons. Many of his previous gifts was done under the name Renaissance Technologies. In September,2015, James officially retired appointing Ashvin Chhabra to oversee Euclidean Capital.
The third largest gift to Priorities USA Action was $2.8 million given by the Pritzker Group. This group is run by Anthony and Jay Robert (J.B.) Pritzker. They are part of the long family feud over the Hyatt Corporation and Marmon Holdings Incorporated. Their sister has served as commerce secretary under President Obama. Anthony Pritzker is worth $3.3 billion, while brother worth the same.
Several groups and individuals have given $2.5 million to Priorities USA Action. One of these is Herb and Marion Sandler who sold Golden West Financial Group in 2006 netting them about $2.6 billion dollars personally. They took $1.3 billion of that money to establish the Sandler Foundation which has funded numerous projects mostly building leadership in the disadvantaged.
Also giving $2.5 million is Paloma Partners that is managed by David Sussman. This partnership received over $200 million dollars from taxpayers as part of the A.I.G. bailout. David claims that he does not have a political agenda. He says that he considers his political donations to be philanthropy. The Sandlers have given generously to the Center for American Progress where David serves on the board. This group has had major influence on the Obama administration.
Also giving $2.5 million dollars to Priorities USA Action is the Women’s Self Worth Foundation which was founded by Cheryl Saban. The mission of this foundation is to empower women.

Movement in the Energy Market

The Street published an article about Soros Fund Management and some recent moves it made in several stocks. The fund sold out of NRG Energy, Chesapeake Energy and Chevron. These companies are among a few who are only set to reveal their earnings report at the end of this week. The article went on to say that while George Soros had been extremely successful in his investment decisions, this was too big a move for other, non-billionair, investors to follow. It would be safer to wait until the new figures are revealed to make any big decisions.

The looming question that the article kept bringing up was what George Soros and his firm might know that led them to dump all of those stocks. The article brought up the obvious indicators that might have led to the sell out. The major one is the turmoil in the energy sector. Energy prices have been fluctuating to extremes. Saudi Arabia and Russia tried to fix the problem by coming to an agreement to stop oil production. This would allow the price to rise back up. However, Iran has been suffering through years of sanctions and they have refused to freeze their oil production and sale. The price of a single barrel of oil has dropped by 73 percent since the summer of 2014.

George Soros gained his fame through brilliant investment decisions. He was well known for creating incredible returns for his clients. These numbers often times fell between 30 and 100 percent. One of his most famous investments was his bet against the British Pound in the 1990s. He made 1 billion dollars from that singular deal.

However, Soros has used his fame and his wealth to do good. In the 1980s, Soros decided to pursue philanthropy and formed his own charity, the Open Society Foundations. The charity started out as a way to level the playing field for the underdog in society. Soros provided black South African students with tuition for university. He also sent xerox machines to the Eastern Bloc so that dissidents could copy materials to spread their message. Soros then turned the charity into one that strove for increased human rights for everyone, more transparent government and more open societies.

Soros concentrates on this type of philanthropy because of his past in Europe. He was born in 1930 to a jewish family in Budapest, Hungary. His childhood memories are of his family hiding their cultural identity from their Nazi occupiers. His teenage years were marked by the communist regime. When Soros was 17, he fled Hungary and attended the London School of Economics.

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Communications Is Changing With Talk Fusion

Businesses are always looking for better ways to communicate. After all, effective communication is one of the keys to operating a successful company. Thanks to Talk Fusion, companies are receiving the tools they need to succeed.

Talk Fusion offers their clients new and innovative ways to stay in contact with their partners and clients. One of their greatest tools is live video conferencing. Utilizing this service, business owners’ are better able to stay in contact with partners from abroad. With video conferencing, traditional travel and lodging expenses can be reduced or eliminated.

Talk Fusion also offers video newsletters. This service allows a business to create custom content, specifically tailored to deliver unique and informative content perfect for their company. It is a great way for companies’ to distribute important news and developments to their employees.

Technology is another key element that Talk Fusion focuses on. Talk Fusion fully supports mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile networking has only continued to grow, which is why the commitment Talk Fusion makes to mobile development is key to its continued success.

The continued success of Talk Fusion is driven in part by the company CEO, Bob Reina. Mr. Reina has over 20 years’ experience with relationship marketing. His strong leadership, as well as personal drive have made Talk Fusion the top-notch company it is today.

Mr. Reina is also deeply involved in his community. He has received recognition for his various charitable contributions, while also being deeply involved with issues such as animal rights. Bob Reina delivers the same professional commitment to his community, as he does to his company.

Business is always evolving, and so is their need for effective communication tools. Thanks to Talk Fusion, the tools are finally in their hands to achieve those goals. Talk Fusion provides the solutions that companies have been searching for.

The Art Of The Invitation


It is extremely difficult for the average person to simply sit down at the computer and compose an original invitations with software. Invitations composed are basically generic, and like thousands of other invitations that are mailed out millions of times across the country. However, Fashion Week invitations were very inspiring and demonstrate that true creativity still exists, especially in the fashion world. Designers like Saint Laurent and Tommy Hilfiger, actually kicked it up a notch.

Fashion Week Invitations
The Fashion Week Invites that really packed a punch was Tommy Hilfiger. He sent out an invitation that resembled a passport. Perhaps, a passport to great fashion. Kate Spade’s invitations looked like the old 45 records. Inviting people to rock to the beat of the sweet designs on the runway. Saint Laurent sent out super cool over-sized cards in black and white. The invitations were very elegant, announcing an affair for the fashion ages.

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