Atlanta Hawks Cry Foul Over Coverage

Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC believe they have a problem with New Hampshire Insurance Company. To resolve the issue, they file a lawsuit. The lawsuit claims breach of contract. This breach comes from the settlement of claims made by previous General Manager Danny Ferry. According to, the owners of AHBE involved in the suit include Bruce Levenson. The suit does not involve current owning group headed by Principle owner Tony Ressler. The suit is filed in the Fulton County Superior Court dated September 13th. The civil suit claims breach of contract on the insurance company part and also states they acted in bad faith. The details circle around coverage of losses due to employment practices and work place Torts.

The suit claims that AHBE gave notice of claims on April 2nd 2015. The suit also states that the insurance company gave assurances the claims would be covered but have failed to pay. Perhaps in an unrelated event, Ferry and the Hawks have reached a buyout agreement, to go their separate ways June 22nd 2015. The buyout ends an eight year $18 million dollar contract. Two days later the franchise is given the green light for sale.

The spokesperson for the current Hawks owners states that they are aware of the situation. They also say that the principal party’s involved are not a part of the organization.

The amount of the claim is confidential. However, the confident limits of liability are said to be sufficient to cover the claim of AHBE. Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment claims the insurance company constantly refused to accept or cover claims during discussion. The suit also states that Ferry’s claims should have triggered the policy. According to the suit, money owned clearly falls under the coverage.

But insurance woes are not the end of Bruce Levenson’s money troubles. The sale of the Hawks has appeared to not go as well as expected. The sale could have gone as high as one billion, but fell a little short. Maybe, one deal is the cause that effected the other. But like basketball games, business deals are not always fun. Things can get ugly.


Smart Lighting for Smart Homes

We all want to live and working a beautiful environment, and one of the elements that make smart homes and offices is how we do our lighting. Lighting is not lighting if it is not done in a smart way. With the advancement in technology smart lighting is done in our smart homes using our smartphones. Gooee team is one of the groups that has been in existence for long and has been responsible for the smart lighting of our residential areas as well as office spaces. Gooee’s primary purpose is to provide excellent IoT lighting solutions to enterprises as well as homes.
Smart and LED lights come with a wireless connection that can easily be controlled from anywhere. The smart, lighting also have several merits as listed below.
• Installation: the LED bulbs and the smart bulbs are quick to install, and a homeowner or the office space occupier does not need the help of a technician to do the installation.
• Flexibility: the smart lighting is flexible, and the owner can change the bulbs according to their preferences.
• Save money: when using the LED light as well as the smart lighting, you are assured you’re your energy consumption is reduced thus your electrical bill goes down saving you money at the end.
• Conserve energy: the smart and the LED bulbs are manufactured with a feature that keeps power consumption.
• Custom lighting: the lighting is easily adjustable, and the user can use the amount of light they prefer in their homes whether dim or bright.
Our smart homes will not be complete if we do not fix smart bulbs. To have homes that are comfortable and admirable, we must keep up with the technology and go the smart way.

$20 million CRDA unpaid loan raising queries about New Brunswick Devco

In a report that appeared on the website, Middlesex County Improvement Authority, last month, failed to pay $1 million in interest and principal on their loan of @2 million it received from Casino Reinvestment Development Authority.

The Development Authority had been in arrears for five years; it racked up almost $7 million in payments skipped. The mortgage, made in 2005, financed the construction of the Heldrich, the conference center and Brunswick Hotel that was developed by the non-profit company by the name New Brunswick Development Corp.

The state Senate President, Stephen Sweeney, touted the corporation as a paragon of what can be done when public funds are channeled through the private firms in large scale construction execution. The New Brunswick Outfit is also the Atlantic City Expansion Corporation, a sister company expecting to oversee over $200 million in private and public financing – including the new CRDA money that is $19.5 million. Towards the development of the Gateway project in Chelsea section of the city.

Both companies are chaired by attorney Chris Paladino, who arranged the Heldrich loan worth $20 million. “it will take a couple of years, but CRDA will be paid,” he said this past week. The 235-room Heldrich Hotel started operation entirely in 2007as the economic crisis set in, has always struggled in attracting customers. This past year, its tenancy rate was 63.5 percent, and the biggest occupant of the year was Johnson & Johnson, whose executives are chairing New Brunswick Development Company as their board of directors.

The hotel is by far cash-strapped that the company has had to tap more than $776,000 of its money for funding necessary expenses such as carpet and mattress replacement, according to Paladino. Paladino went ahead and said that they want to make it healthy and continue to be engaged in the project.

NorkaLuque: The Reason Why She Believes in Miracles

Emilio Estefan, the king of Venezuelan music, featured Norka Martinez Luque. Her mother’s name is Norka. She is based in Venezuela. She is the daughter of music. Her mother says that she was always a happy child when music played beside her. She listened to music because it was the only thing that could make her fall into sleep. While she was a 10-year-old girl, he had a first music production in the studio. She recorded a song named “Anthology of Shakira” which was contained in Luis Miguel songs. This was the first time she would appear on the world-class platform in music. She was fully prepared to take the stage. She attended piano, music theory, Flamenco, and ballet music classes as a child.

While she was still young, she was a better competitor in music contests singing and winning choreography School Festival Big Pine and The Golden Voice. Therefore, she was on the same platform with international artists including Juanes. What a great achievement!

Her strong desire to achieve and excelled her to relocate to the United States. For her to continue in her academic endeavors, she decided to concentrate on her music passion. She said that she has all the elements to make her the best music artist of all times. She gave her best to music especially when it came to practice. She was selfless and dedicated all her time to music. He met the state-of-the-art producer, Emilio Estefan, and revealed her music power to him. Emilio was impressed by her work and decided to work together. Because she had a great talent, he scheduled numerous practice meetings with her in the studio to perfect on her vocals. She extended an invitation to the studio after listening to her works.


For her to polish her talent, they went to Miami. This is the region that first witnessed the birth of a new era in music. The palm trees and the sea took part in welcoming the new queen of music into the world. The Miracle album was first released in Miami through the help of the Gaitan brothers, Luigi Giraldo, Archie Pena under the direction of Emilio Estefan. He managed to wake up his excellent performance through the hard work of the team.


For more than three years, Norka has presented her solo single. The song earned numerous reviews in 2011. It was voted as the best pop music of the year.


Mike Baur Comes Up With a Supportive Venture for Startups

Mike Baur is renowned for coming up with a company that is responsible for nurturing dreams and helping startups gain traction. The Swiss Startup Factory, which he launched in 2014, has been classified as one of the best venture capitals within Switzerland that has committed its resources to ensuring potentially huge businesses are nurtured.


This is a dream Mike Baur had from the onset and since 2014, they have managed to assist a number of individuals, who now own businesses that are solving problems. To make the Swiss Startup Factory a reliable haven for startups, Mike Baur has invited leading professionals in the country and educational institutions.


Co-working space

Startups need a conducive environment that can facilitate their growth and expansion and this is what the Swiss Startup Factory is offering. They have created a co-working space that allows different individuals to brainstorm and come up with solutions.


The space is equipped with all the necessary technology that can accelerate the incubation to offer strong and well-prepared startups that can compete relentlessly. Mike Baur is hopeful about taking in more students into the three months incubation program since they are not limited on who can join as long as the ideas reviewed are valid and promising.


Accounting services

Business is more about numbers and in the absence of proper accounting one would not make the right decisions or understand what ought to be done at certain times. The Swiss Startup Factory accounting service helps the startups to explore the reality about the business. It is a reliable way to understand the health of a business and come up with actionable ideas.


Free legal advice

Also important in the management of a business is the presence of legal support. A business cannot operate oblivious of the laws that define how things should be run. Going against one or more of the business laws could spell doom for a business since most of the punitive measures mentioned in some sections are enough to force a business out of the market.


Mike Baur

Born in Switzerland, Mike Baur relentlessly pursued his dream of becoming a banker and that led him to attend the Bern University where he graduated with an Executive MBA. He served in the banking sector of Switzerland for more than 10 years and in 2014, he made a bold decision and left his job to venture into business. This saw him launch the Swiss Startup Factory where he spends most of his time and money.