Everything you need to know about Magnises and Billy McFarland

Billy McFarland is a popular American Businessperson. He has specialized in the integration of technology to the community. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Spling. Moreover, he is the founder of Magnises, an exclusive social and business club.

Magnises gives members special deals and offers to attend different events. Members have been able to get special deals that allow them to attend several events. These events are only accessible through the company’s black card.

According to Forbes, Billy McFarland started the Magnises card in 2013. The card became fully operational in 2014. The objective of the entire company was to build a technology-based community. The community was to be connected through the black card.

When starting the idea, Billy McFarland focused on creating a product that would interest millennials. His target age group were people between the ages of 21 to 35 years. Magnises appeals to people that work in finance, technology, and fashion.

Members that would like to join the community have first to fill in an online application form. Before joining the club, they have to attend a phone call interview and get approved by the Magnises team. The company always seeks clients that want to be engaged.

The idea of the social program came to Billy McFarland surprise. He was seated at dinner with his friends. They were discussing the benefits of the popular American Express card. The identified ways that card had transformed the marketing and business world. However, they realized that no such card is relevant for millennials below age 35. Billy McFarland to build one. He created a card the involved a network with the community.

According to the growing entrepreneur, Magnises is less on the card and more about connecting people. Individuals that want a networking community in New York City will get the best experience. Members can connect through a card that is highly relevant in their daily lives. McFarland has had success with technology from a young age of 13. He attended Bucknell University before dropping out to create Spling. His ability to think outside the box has earned him an exclusive reputation for innovation.


Brian Bonar Opens The Ranch At Bandy Canyon

Brian Bonar has taken a step outside the world of finance to work in the restaurant business. He began with Dalrada Financial where he was CEO, and he has moved on to a new sort of business. Opening and running restaurants is Brian’s passion, and he wants his patrons to try the Ranch at Bandy Canyon.

His new space is perfect for events, holds an amazing kitchen has a lovely French chef in the kitchen. This article takes a look at how Brian has built a restaurant brand that is based in the softness of fine French cuisine.

#1: How Did Brian Start?

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar got his start in cuisine as he learned to cook at home, and he opened Bellamy’s after getting a handle on the finer points of French food. He offers a bistro cuisine at the diner that sits in the midst of historic downtown Escondido.

He came to Escondido because he loves everything about San Diego, the weather and the people. The weather alone brings millions of vacationers to the area every year, and Brian wishes to cash in on everyone who ventures to the area to taste fine food.

#2: What Is The Ranch At Bandy Canyon?

The Ranch at Bandy Canyon was the second idea to come from Brian’s desire to serve food to the public. He created a large space outside Escondido that would play host to hundreds at a time, and he ensured the space was outfitted for large parties.

There is a dinner service every day, and it is a place where the patrons may take great joy in the food prepared. He understands his food is different from the traditional French menu, and he hired a brilliant chef from France to run the kitchen.

#3: How Does San Diego Compare?

Brian is an avid supporter of the San Diego area and its culture. He is a Scotch native who has found a second home in the southern California valley that plays host to San Diego, and he will stay in the area as long as it will have him. He quite understands the people of the area, and he gives them food they will enjoy.

His understanding of the market makes him one of the finest owners in the area, and he brings only the best chefs to work in his restaurants.

Brian Bonar steps outside the norm to prepare food for the people of greater San Diego, and he believes his approach to French food will capture the hearts and minds of everyone passing through the area. He wishes to offer something that requires no fuss, and he hopes his customers will fall in love with the food the way he has.

Billy McFarland Is The Idea Man

One would believe that no one person has a monopoly on good ideas, but the ideas of Billy McFarland might defy that sort of logic. Experts tell us that 9 out of ten new business starts will fail within one year of operation. McFarland’s experience would be the opposite, in that 9 out of 10 of the businesses he starts will succeed.

According to CNBC, when Billy McFarland was just 13, he started a successful company that located customers for a local business. While just a freshman computer student at Bucknell University, he started Spling, still ongoing with McFarland as the CEO. Spling transforms the URL of a company into a graphic so it can be used for marketing purposes to help develop the brand. Clients such as Warner, Discovery, Universal, and Hearst still think it’s a good idea.

Billy McFarland’s most recent venture, Magnises started in 2013, while McFarland was still in his early twenties, may be his most successful creation of all. Catering to millennials, Magness gives members who pay a modest annual membership fee of $250, receives substantial discounts and perks at their favorite haunts. Restaurants, bars, clubs, events, travel venues, concerts, and special occasions have lined up to participate, and the idea has been a big hit.

At the close of 2015, over 10,000 members have come aboard, and there is no sign of the growth stopping either, as millennials throng to the front of the queue to signup. The key to it all is found in the “Black Card” which comes with membership. The Black Card copies the data from the member’s credit or debit card, which is then used to pay the bill at participating businesses. The discount is also applied at that moment.

Millennials love to congregate to brag about their exploits, socialize and to make new business contacts. Magnises is a great way for them to make that happen, as evidenced by the rapid growth in the current locations of New York City and Washington D.C.

McFarland would like to expand to other cities where there are more millennials. Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles and London are targets. It is simple, McFarland claims. The market is available: it is just a matter of time in getting there.

Securus Technologies Simplifies Inmate Communications For The Holidays

Advances in modern technology have given us endless opportunities to communicate with one another. Gone are the days of sitting at home, waiting for your telephone to ring. Text messages have taken the place of hand-written letters and today’s youth have never even seen a telephone booth.

Securus Technologies is an information technology corporation that utilizes technological breakthroughs to allow inmates to communicate with their families. The company’s latest video, Securus Family Communications During Christmas, showcases the touching moment when a father gets to witness the joy on his son’s face on Christmas morning, even though he’s incarcerated.

The video begins with the phrase “Be there when it’s impossible to be”.Being away from your loved ones during the holidays is incredibly difficult. Being incarcerated, sometimes hours away from your family, is not only hard on the inmate, but also on the inmate’s family. Thanks to Securus Technologies, children across the country won’t have to remember this Christmas as the Christmas that Mommy or Daddy had to miss. Instead, little ones will have an extra gift on Christmas morning, the chance to see their loved ones.

At the end of the video, it says “Be a part of the important moments“. I can’t imagine having to miss the most precious moments in my family’s lives. Again, thanks to Securus Technologies, inmates no longer have to miss holidays, birthdays, weddings, or the birth of their child. Video visitations are conveniently scheduled in advance, so family members no longer have to suffer through long commutes and even longer lines. The only thing required to take part in video visitation is a computer with a webcam that’s connected to the internet.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has been in business for almost 20 years. Securus is a recognized leader in providing parolee tracking, inmate communications, and government information. With innovative and extensive technical solutions and responsive customer service, Securus provides services to 2,600 correctional facilities(over 1,000,000 detainees) in 45 states, Washington DC, Canada, and Mexico. Securus Technologies is proud to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau and provides a Federal Communications Commission(FCC) factsheet on their website.

Don Ressler and Made it Big in Online Fashion for Women

Don Ressler has become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the last several years. Don Ressler has been able to captivate a lot of audiences with his strong line of fashion for women through Fabletics and JustFab. This is how so many people have become acquainted with what Don Ressler is selling. He has become one of the most popular people in the world of e-commerce, and he seems to just be getting started. There are lots of people that are looking at what Don Ressler and his moves in the clothing industry, but he is not doing it all alone. The key to his success lies in knowing how to pick creative partners.

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What most people have seen when they checked out JustFab is the cool way that this company has been led by Kimora Lee. This was just the beginning. She was a the one that helped shoot JustFab to the top. That was a very interesting person to lead the brand. Don Ressler had already seen Kimora Lee in action with her Baby Phat brand, and he knew that she would be the right person to help the consumers build up interest in JustFab. They would check out this low cost solution because it was affordable. It would be the thing that would keep people interested in the clothes and shoes. Don Ressler knew that this could work on multiple levels so that made it easier to move to the next venture, Fabletics.

This would be another company that would be led by a celebrity. It was during this time that Don Ressler would recruit someone in the acting industry. Kate Hudson would come in and take the lead in a huge way. She has managed to create commercials and build social media buzz. There is so much talk about what this company is able to do, and it is all because Kate Hudson has made her mark. Don Ressler also has another partner, Adam Goldenberg, that has been helping him build his brand. This is the best thing about having a company like this. Don Ressler can steer the company in the right direction from behind the scenes and get help from celebrities that are interested in taking his companies to the next level.

Fabletics is the type of company that managed to become a leader in online fashion. This is because Ressler has built the anticipation for Fabletics.

Check Don Ressler on TechStyle.com

Kabbalah Center Welcoming All Students

Study of the Kabbalah, once limited to studied Jewish men over a certain age, is now available to anyone who wishes to study. Kabbalah is a “living wisdom” and it’s study is not one religion, or one way of living. The study of Kabbalah is an applied wisdom, meaning that it’s students can derive as little or as much of the wisdom as they like and they apply it to their lives as they see fit.


Kabbalah Center opens it’s doors and it’s study to members of any religion, race, or gender. A Christian, Muslim, or Jew can study Kabbalah as well as those who practice no religion in general. Kabbalah is a study that can help anyone to live their religion or their life better as it is open to their interpretation and the way they would like to apply it to their life. Kabbalah is the study of ancient text and the interpretation and meaning it has in our life today. The study can unlock the complexities of life bringing clarity to the seemingly confusing and complex nature of the universe.


The center makes it easy for anyone to begin their study no matter where they are in life or where they are geographically. There are Kabbalah Centers located in many major cities in the US and throughout Europe making it easy for any interested student to find their way to a spiritual center. In it’s modern nature, Kabbalah Center also has an online university making it easy for students from anywhere at any time to access the online lessons and learn from video and text lessons if they cannot make it to a center or to supplement their learning. Kabbalah Center also publishes many books each year in many different languages making it possible for people to learn regardless of language they understand.


More visit: https://kabbalah.com/rh

EOS Lip Balm for Everyone

There are a lot of things that you might want to consider when you are looking at lip balms. You may have heard of EOS lip balm, but aren’t sure if it’s right for you.

What EOS Can do for You?

There are a lot of lip balms, but EOS is a great option for you. What makes it different is that it has Shea Butter in it which can help your lips to feel soft and to look better. If they are chapped, the Shea Butter can help them to heal and look good. That makes them feel like they are new and soft for kissing.

Why EOS?

EOS is a great option because of all the nice things it can do for your lips and what flavor the lip balm is. There are several flavors that you can choose from depending on what you want to have in your lip balm. There are several options that can work together in order to give you the flavor of lip balm you want.

There are a lot of options when you are looking for a great lip balm but you might want to see what EOS can do for you and your lip balm needs. They can give you a great feeling lip and make it feel better when you use it for a longer period of time. You should look around and make sure you are getting the one you want and that will do the best for you. EOS may be just what you are looking for. Get out there and find the right flavor for you and your lips.

To learn more about EOS and how they succeeded in a century-old industry, read their full interview on fastcompany.com.

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The Economy of South Africa

There are many people who want to invest to help others. In the country of South Africa, there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor. South Africa is a unique country with a diverse culture. There is a lot of racial violence and tensions as well. With all of that being said, there is still a lot of economic opportunities in this area. If you want to invest for your future, Equities First is a great company to work with.

This is a company that specializes in helping people who have a high net worth with their financial issues. There are few companies that specialize in this field. For many people who own their own company, it is not easy to pull money out. There are financial issues that come up when an infusion of cash may be needed. This is where Equities First specializes.

Running a Business

When it comes to owning your own business, there are a lot of expenses that come along with that. If you are someone who has had success in business, it should not be hard to have money to pay for your bills. However, in the last economic recession, there were a lot of business owners who did not want to pull money out of their companies in order to keep it invested. If you are someone who is ready to invest in the future, Equities First is the company to work with. This is a company that has built their entire culture around helping others get to the next level in their finances. Not only that, but they are passionate about adding value to your life in any way that they can.

Future Plans

In the coming years, Equities First plans to expand its footprint within South Africa. This is a company that is dedicated to adding value to customers any way that it can. Over the past couple of years, the company has done a great job of investing in the lives of others. Not only that, but they want to help the nation of South Africa as well. One of the themes that defines their business model is helping the local community in which they are involved. If you want to invest for your future, this is a great way to go. They have a lot of experience in this area and are able to help you in any way that they can.