The Kabbalah Centre Teaches Peace

The Kabbalah Centre has been in operation for some time, and it is a place that teaches peace to all who come through its doors. It is a centre that has been built by the Berg family to ensure all who wish to study may do so, and this article explains how the centre is helping those who wish to find the presence of God. There is a place for everyone in Kabbalah, and it may be found in one of their many offices.

#1: The Founding Of The Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre was founded by the Berg family as an open place where anyone would be able to study or worship as they saw fit. There is no religion at the Kabbalah Centre, and there is no need to profess a faith. Everyone may come in to use the library, and they may pray or search if they like.

#2: The Resources

The Kabbalah Centre is a place where everyone may come to use their resources. It is a safe space for many, and there are people in it every day doing something that they believe will bring them closer to the heart of God. They are searching, and they wish to find where God may be resting.

#3: Many Offices

There are offices around the world that were started by the Berg family, and anyone who is travelling may come to one of their many locations. The Kabblah Centre will be welcoming when needed, and they will have a book or place to pray for a newcomer who needs help.

The Kabbalah Centre is a place where many people have found themselves, and they will have a lovely time learning in a place that is free from judgment. The Berg family welcomes all who wish to learn.

Building Back your Reputation with the Help of a Professional

With the internet here with us, there are some things which affect online reputation on a wide spectrum. If you are a company or an individual carrying out business and you have social media presence, you may need to guard your reputation a bit jealously. There are some things which may ruin your reputation even in one day.

When your online reputation is damaged, you have several factors to consider. One of them is to restore your reputation as fast as possible. The beauty of things is that there are companies which solely deal with online reputation management. These companies can turn your life around and make it easy for you to retain your good name.

One of the things which your online reputation manager will tell you is that you must be able to detect positive criticism and differentiate it from negative criticism. Positive comments about your business or brand are good since they help you know how you are doing in relation to your competitors. However, negative comments that border or go beyond hate speech are crucial.

Another thing which your online reputation manager will advise you to do is to respond to your critics as soon as possible. This needs to be done strategically since your reputation can get worse or it can be redeemed at this point. Choosing your words wisely is therefore important. It is also important to seek professional advice before responding to any of these comments. This way, you can know what to say and how to say it.

Another piece of advice which you may receive is that you may have to rebrand in order to build back your reputation. This may be expensive or time-consuming but necessary if your reputation has been badly damaged. Coming back with a new range of products or revamped services can make your critics go away.

Whenever you have an issue that would impact on your reputation online, make sure that you seek advice from a professional. This is the main reason why online reputation management companies are in business.


Bruno Fagali’s Legal Crusade Against Corruption

Bruno Fagali grew up in Brazil with an interest in the law. In order to fulfill his dreams he attended the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo where in 2012 he earned his degree in Administrative Law. In early 2017 Fagali graduated from the University of São Paulo with a Master in Law of the State, Administrative, and Anti-Corruption Law. He has also earned numerous legal designations including among other Legal Ethics Compliance.

In 2012 Bruno Fagali landed his first job as a Lawyer with the law firm Radi, Calil, and Advocacy Associates. In his role with the firm he engaged in public law and litigation. He represented clients before the Public Prosecutor and the Courts of Accounts. The areas of the law that Bruno Fagali has specialized in includes Compliance, Anti-Corruption, Electoral Law, and Bidding Law. He strives to act in the interests of the public and the clients that he serves.

Due to his strong background in Anti-Corruption law, Bruno Fagali was selected by the media agency new / sb to be their first Corporate Integrity Manager. In this role, Bruno Fagali created and insures compliance with a code of conduct that is fully in line with Anti-Corruption Law. This is very important for new / sb as they have a large number of contracts with the Brazilian government. As the founder of new / sb, Bob Vieira ca Costa said, he thinks it’s a good and healthy thing for contracts to be reviewed. He invested R $500,000 into the Corporate Integrity Program in order to ensure that the staff would comply with all Anti-Corruption rules and requirements.

In addition to his work with new / sb, Bruno Fagali started his own law firm, Fagali Advocacy, in July 2016. At his law firm he works with a number of companies to make sure their activities are in compliance with all relevant laws.

10 DIY Phone Hacks by Wengie

Wengie is a popular YouTuber with over six million subscribers. She makes videos about makeup, beauty, DIYs, and everyday life hacks. In her video “10 DIY Hacks for your Phone,” she explains simple life hacks that make your phone a lot more fun to use! Wengie’s DIYs are fun, easy to do, and can help save money! Some of my favorite DIY hacks that Wengie explains in this video are:



For this hack, wengie simply cuts a tube sock at the heel. She then puts the longer half on her arm and double folds it, creating a pocket for her phone.



Wengie simply wraps her phone charger around a pen, then, with a blow dryer, she heats up the cord. Once the cord is cooled down, it keeps its new springy shape!



For this hack, Wengie cuts clear plastic into four trapezoid-shaped pieces and sticks them together. She then places the projector upside-down on her phone to create a 3D hologram!



Wengie shows us how to create a black light by placing a piece of clear tape over her phone’s camera lens and coloring it blue. She places another piece of tape over the first one and colors it purple. She then places a third piece over the second piece and colors it blue once more. DIY Summer Life Hacks by Wengie



Wengie demonstrates this hack by cutting a slit into a toilet paper roll. She takes two plastic cups and cuts a circle on the side of each one, then sticks them onto each end of the toilet paper roll. She then places her phone in the slit.


Other hacks explained by Wengie in this video are the phone wall projector, the glowing lava lamp, the phone stylus, the micro lens, and the lego man cord organizer.

Learn more about Wengie:

Jason Hope Talks about the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is regarded as one of the most knowledgeable experts on the issue of Internet of Things. For this reason, Jason Hope has built a name for himself as a commentator and a writer on this issue. He says that the internet of things is the next big thing and companies will be in a rush to have a share of its market.

According to this expert, the subject of contention can be defined as the interconnection of technology which results in synchronization of devices. These devices that Jason Hope speaks about are not limited to street lights, electronic devices, kitchen appliances and cars. He predicts that when humanity embraces the Internet of Things, data will be shared with ease which will result in reduced waste and increased efficiency. The internet of things will change the way businesses operate.

Today, there is a perception that we can get online using smartphones and computers. However, on the onset of the Internet of Things, it will be associated with almost any gadget and making coffee or turning lights on will be tied to the technology. One beneficiary of the Internet of Things will be the public transport. Amid the chaos that surrounds public transport, implementation of the internet of things will see people shift to public transport. The technology will be used to monitor trains and busses. This will result in less congestion on the roads, few traffic accidents, and reduced pollution.

Jason also addresses the issue Internet of Things in the rural areas. While major advantages will be experienced in the urban areas, there is still something for the rural settings. Emergency responses will be quicker, and accident monitoring will be enhanced. Jason Hope holds a degree in finance from Arizona State University. He is known as a philanthropist, futurist, and investor. He lives in the US state of Arizona in a town called Scottsdale.

All written works and articles of Jason Hope can be read on and

The values and work ethic that has catapulted Highland Capital Management to the top

Highland Capital Management is an investment advisory firm that was established by James Dondero and Mark Okada. The company has been operating for more than two decades and has accumulated their capital base to the tune of $15.4 billion in assets. The products that the company specializes in include credit hedge funds, separate funds and long only funds. With time, they expanded their operations and started dealing with CLOs, distressed and special situations private equities and several other non-conventional forms of investment.

The alternative types of investments that the company has been offering include long/short equities, emerging markets, foundations and public pension plans among others. Their client base has increased exponentially from the time that they started their company. Nowadays, they deal with governments and also high net-worth individuals. The company, which started their first base of operations in Dallas Texas now proudly, owns offices in Sao Paolo Brazil, Singapore and Seoul in South Korea.

There are three principles that the company has always based their service delivery and customer service on; experience, discipline and boldness. When it comes to experience, the company makes sure that they have hired the best talent for the job, regardless of the circumstances. Discipline means that their customer care and even the general staff treats their clientele with the same amount of respect they would wish to get back. Boldness means that at times, when they are faced with potential business partners who want them to invest in new and risky fields, they will weigh the risk and reward and surprise their customers with support through the process.

The company has been a part of many other initiatives aside from business. This is because the founders believe in giving back to the community. Some of the initiatives that they have taken part in include the recent $1million challenge grant to finish the Family Place’s Capital Campaign. The management believes that when one has been placed in a position to impact change in the society, they should go above the regular, you need to make sure you serve the community in ways that will not take money from them.

Donald Scott Razors will Impress

Donald Scott NYC is the founder and chief hair artist of Donald Scott. He was born and raised in a family of barbers and hairdressers. Donald Scott NYC worked with Paul Mitchell who trained him and made his career come true; Paul Mitchell is a core mentor of Donald Scott NYC.

Scott NYC is a company that is dedicated to professionally train artists how to work and uses of their style, razor artistry. Donald Scott NYC invented several innovative salon tools, in addition to the traditional straight razor; it is used to make over seventy variety hair styles. Donald Scott NYC missionary supports and inspires the hair artists in using the Donald Scott NYCs tools to make their passion come true. Donald Scott NYC, being a company that comprises a variety of businesses, it has a website where they advertise their products, services, and courses.

Donald Scott NYC has earned his popularity for the invention of carving tools and modern techniques for all artists, and the foundation of DSNYC Barber Edition which has a range of new blades and razors tools for every barber satisfaction.

Patty Rocklage For Marriage Counseling

Marriage and romantic relationships can be a beautiful thing. However, as with a lot of other things, marriage can come with a lot of trials and difficulties. As a matter of fact, many difficulties arise that could really hurt a marriage and even destroy it. However, the couple that works through these difficulties are the ones that are able to have their marriages last longer than others. However, one of the biggest mistakes that couples can make is to try to take on all of the marital issues by themselves. This is why it is important for them to make sure that they are getting the support they need.


One form of support that is helpful for people is a marriage counselor. One marriage counselor that is work checking with is Patty Rocklage. She is someone who is very welcoming and is also willing to sit with couples and listen to their issues and provide input without bias. She is able to look at the issues from an objective point of view. Also, being a marriage counselor means that it is important for one to make sure that the couple is being truthful about their circumstances.


One thing that could be said for Patty Rccklage is that she has a passion for marriages and relationships. One of the reasons for this is because she has a lot of experience with her successful relationships. One would be lying if they have said that they did not have any issues in their relationships. Therefore, since her relationship has survived all of the issues that have come with it. It is safe to say that she has managed to work through all of them with her husband.


With marriage counseling, chances of a marriage lasting longer will improve. The only thing is that the two people involved have to be willing to admit where they are wrong. They also have to be willing to support each other and have the support of other parties that are trustworthy. There are a lot of things that could come to test the marriage of the couple.

Marc Sparks The Great Venture Capitalist

Marc Sparks is a renowned venture capitalist and entrepreneur based in Dallas. He mainly concentrates in business and strategy planning. Sparks is known to have established and led a number of successful enterprises in various industries.

He helps young innovators and small businesses start-up. He offers his consultation and funding to help startups grow into successful companies.

Early Life

Mark Sparks was born in Texas. Perhaps, the reason why most of his efforts and philanthropy are directed towards the state.

He attended a high school based in Austin, Texas and graduated in the year 1985 with a C+. Though, this grade is not what you would expect of a successful chap such as Sparks, it actually was what shaped his path. Every time, he acknowledges God for having helped him through.


According to Good Reads, Marcs Sparks is known for his company Timber Creek Capital, LP. This is holds a portfolio of equity companies established and owned by Sparks. His philosophy is to start with a brilliant idea, then build on it to establish a successful company. He attributes his success to God’s grace and good planning.

When starting a company, Sparks will usually develop a mission and stamen. He then will have a strategy for how to achieve these. If you are to interact with his employees, they will tell you that he is one to lead by example. This is perhaps why he attracts and retain the highest talent in the industry.


Mark Sparks is known for his book, They Can’t Eat You. This book is about educating aspiring entrepreneurs from his life and was written following conviction by his colleagues. He uses his successes and failures, hoping that people can learn something from it.

This book is specially meant for those entrepreneurs who seem to be losing hope and are looking for inspiration. If you read it today, I guarantee you that your thinking will never be the same again.


Sparks derives peace and joy from giving back to the less fortunate in the society. His philanthropic side would be seen as early as the 80s. Most of his charitable projects are aimed at bettering the lives of the Texans. His major contribution is to the Samaritan Inn, which is a homeless shelter for the people of Texas.

He finds this project to be very beneficial for the undeserved living in it. His contributions also go to Habitat for Humanity, where he has funded the constructions of several homes. He is also an coherent supporter of the American Can! Academy, a local high school in the area.