3 Ways You Can Bury Bad Articles

According to Moz.com, one negative article showing up in the search results about your company can cost you 22% of your customers. If you have three negative articles showing up, that number goes up to 59.2%. If there are four or more negative articles showing up, you will more than likely go out of business as you can potentially lose up to 70% of your customers.

That alone should tell you how important it is to manage your reputation online. One bad review can go viral and be seen by millions of people. That means within a matter of minutes your reputation can be completely ruined.

If you have found yourself dealing with a lot of negative press, here are 3 ways you can bury those bad articles and regain control of your reputation.

#1 – Set Up Several Social Media Profiles

As you very well know, social media rules the world. And these days, search engines rank social media profiles just like they rank websites. Having a business and personal social media profile is a great way to dominate the top spots in all the major search engines. Set up profiles on all the top social media sites.

#2 – Get A Domain Name That Matches Your Name

While you probably already have a domain name for your business, chances are you don’t have one that matches your name. If your name is not available, get as close to it as you can. Once you have your new domain name you can set up your website showing your resume and a portfolio of your work. Now, anytime someone searches for your name they will get your website.

#3 – Hire A Professional

Sometimes the best option is to hire a professional. Bury Bad Articles, a new reputation management company, can help you get rid of all the negative press so you can focus on running your business. To learn more visit them online at www.BuryBadArticles.com and request a free quote.