4 dog treats from Beneful that I recommend

If you are a dog owner like me, then you guys know this: dogs love treats! Everyone has their guilty pleasures, and dogs have them just like us.
I like to take my dog out to the park for a nice workout for me and him. We play fetch and jog around the park.

After having a lot of fun doing these activities, I like to reward my dog with Beneful treats.

Here are some of Beneful treats that I purchase on Wal-Mart for my dog that I think your dogs will enjoy as well.

1. Baked Delights Stars with bacon & cheese

This is the number 1 treat that I would recommend to you. Just like people, dogs enjoy bacon and cheese. I mean, who doesn’t?

A shortbread dog treat with bacon and cheese bits, you just can’t go wrong with this one.

2. Baked Delights Stars with chicken & cheese

Another variety of the Beneful Baked Delights series, this one is pretty similar to the last one, but instead of bacon, it’s chicken. My dog enjoys this one quite a lot as well.

3. Baked Delights Heartfuls with apple flavored filling & real bacon

This is probably the most unique treat that I have found. This shortbread treat has apple flavors with bacon. Plus, the treat is in a heart shape!

4. Baked Delights Hugs with beef and cheese

My dog likes to eat beef and cheese, and this one, well, has just that! This crispy treat has all the flavors that will accommodate any hungry puppy.

Obviously, all dogs are different. Some dogs may like these recommendations, some may not, but I can guarantee you that you will be able to find a Beneful product that will satisfy your dog.

To find more information about Beneful products, check out their Amazon website.

Treats page: https://www.beneful.com/products/dog-treats/