Beneful Shares in Glory for Leading Innovations in Healthy Dog Food Production

The dog food industry has been witnessing a surge in both innovation and sales and now falls among the fastest growing industry in the United States economy. So much has changed in this industry that is now reporting at least one new innovative product almost every fortnight. It is quickly shifting from the traditional dog food processing and adopted new manufacturing technologies that result in quality foods that pet-owners are quickly taking up for their pets. The producers are incorporating new production methods in the processing that guarantees hygienic outcomes. The products used are also raw and fresh bringing an end to the purchase of stale food as dog food. For instance, companies like Small Gourmet are using fresh meat to make dog food and insist on reducing on preservatives and additives making the pet food as healthy as possible. Small Gourmet Company sees this trend as the future of dog feed production and the company has already leading the way. There has also been introduced Colgate enriched foods that help your pet lose weight. Some companies are making it possible for the pet owners to customize their pet food recipes. Others are on a mission to making your pet food more nutritious by adding nutrients to the food using blueberries and cranberries while yet another is making food specifically for the senior dogs that are not able to process the hard foods for the required energy. Beneful dog food manufacturing is one such pet food company that is on the frontline in dog food manufacturing.

About Beneful

Beneful is dog food brand manufactured by Purina, an American healthy food manufacturer. It has under its name various types of pet foods falling under both the dry and wet food categories. There are over twenty dog food varieties of Beneful each carefully processed to guarantee wholesomeness in every pack. Apart from the wet and dry food varieties under Beneful’s branding, there are also various varieties of dog treats available in its line of products. To come up with these superior dog food brands, Beneful uses real raw material such as real meat and mineral rich vegetables for nutritional benefits. Beneful assures nutritional benefits as well as a balanced diet for their pets.