Bruno Fagali’s Legal Crusade Against Corruption

Bruno Fagali grew up in Brazil with an interest in the law. In order to fulfill his dreams he attended the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo where in 2012 he earned his degree in Administrative Law. In early 2017 Fagali graduated from the University of São Paulo with a Master in Law of the State, Administrative, and Anti-Corruption Law. He has also earned numerous legal designations including among other Legal Ethics Compliance.

In 2012 Bruno Fagali landed his first job as a Lawyer with the law firm Radi, Calil, and Advocacy Associates. In his role with the firm he engaged in public law and litigation. He represented clients before the Public Prosecutor and the Courts of Accounts. The areas of the law that Bruno Fagali has specialized in includes Compliance, Anti-Corruption, Electoral Law, and Bidding Law. He strives to act in the interests of the public and the clients that he serves.

Due to his strong background in Anti-Corruption law, Bruno Fagali was selected by the media agency new / sb to be their first Corporate Integrity Manager. In this role, Bruno Fagali created and insures compliance with a code of conduct that is fully in line with Anti-Corruption Law. This is very important for new / sb as they have a large number of contracts with the Brazilian government. As the founder of new / sb, Bob Vieira ca Costa said, he thinks it’s a good and healthy thing for contracts to be reviewed. He invested R $500,000 into the Corporate Integrity Program in order to ensure that the staff would comply with all Anti-Corruption rules and requirements.

In addition to his work with new / sb, Bruno Fagali started his own law firm, Fagali Advocacy, in July 2016. At his law firm he works with a number of companies to make sure their activities are in compliance with all relevant laws.

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