Rupert Murdoch and Vladimir Putin Use Glen Beck To Attack A Powerful Enemy — George Soros

George Soros survived one of the most heinous parts of World War II. In 1944 Budapest, the occupying Nazis all but knew that the war was over. But that did not stop them from trying to finish their business in a swift and efficient manner. Only the smartest survived; those who forged documents and bribed officials. George’s father, patriarch of the Soros family, knew this all too well and was defiant during the Nazi occupation. But for having the gall to survive World War II as a 14-year-old boy, George Soros is now being condemned by the right-wing media, especially Glenn Beck on

Glenn Beck’s recent hateful attacks of the hedge fund billionaire are unprecedented and show a complete lack of scruples and knowledge of history. Beck and his three-hour Fox News special create a wild George Soros conspiracy, painting the Jewish-born man as anti-Semitic. To fuel the fire of this George Soros conspiracy, Glenn Beck uses a recent George Soros WikiLeaks dump of hacked emails, misconstruing even the most humanitarian messages from the billionaire philanthropist.

And all of this hubbub from Fox News has certainly caught the eye of a disparate group of people, namely Pro is really right winged politicians and commentators as well as anti-Semitic Neo-Nazi groups. That’s right, the lies about George Soros have united to diametrically opposed groups in attacking the 85-year-old businessman.

But the George Soros emails are much ado about nothing. The George Soros WikiLeaks dump of electronic messages just reinforces what Soros stands for publicly, namely the humane treatment of refugees, open and transparent societies, and equal rights. The George Soros emails include nothing more than messages standing against the racist policies of the Israeli government against Palestinian refugees. The man just calls it as he sees it.

But all of this might be the power play of very powerful people, pitting Rupert Murdoch of Fox News, against the Russian government, against Mr. Soros himself. It is widely speculated that Russia is behind the hacks at the DNC expose the George Soros emails. If this is correct, then it shows that Vladimir Putin is trying to take down the man funding the Open Societies Foundation, a powerful coalition that stands directly against unilateral dictators like Putin.

The email leaks also give an opening to the far right politicians and television personalities in the United States. It is widely known that Australian billionaire Rupert Murdoch is behind Fox News, which employs Glenn Beck and seemingly directs his television content. Rupert Murdoch, another powerful worldwide player, has entered the fray between Russia and Mr. Soros.

These two men, Murdoch and Putin, do not like Soros for political reasons. George Soros has openly given millions of dollars to Hillary Clinton, as well as other liberal political initiatives, such as the legalization of marijuana. It seems that this George Soros conspiracy propagated by Glenn Beck of Fox News is a coordinated attack on liberal politics by two very powerful conservative men who have the resources deployed puppet master in the media.

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