How Securus Technologies Became the Hottest Thing Inside the Department of Corrections

There is a shift in what the investigators are using to break down the fraternization in the prison systems. More institutions are getting connected with a Securus Technologies system called THREADS. I researched this, and I discovered on PR Newswire’s website that this analytical tool is important because it cuts down on more prison activity that occurs on the inside.
Once people get into the prison system they build groups of gangs. People either make friends or enemies inside of those prison walls. A lot things can occur inside these prisons, but investigators can track inmates better and prevent a lot of crime that may occur on the inside.

I have seen a lot of prison shows and I see fraternization occurring all the time. I know that this can cause a lot of trouble so it makes sense to have software like what Securus has presented to the correctional facility industry. This company has a lot of different law enforcement products on the market, but this may be one of the most valuable products of all.

I certainly do believe that the world is a much better place thanks to the Securus Technology software. There are inmates that may be back out on the streets after a short prison stint if there is no evidence to show them on their worse behavior on the inside. These inmates that sell drugs, get in fights and kill people on the inside could still get out of prison early for good behavior if there is no system in place to catch their activities. Sometimes there are ringleaders that have other people under them that are doing the dirty work. With the THREADS software it is easier to determine who may be calling the shots on the inside.

The Securus Technologies company is known widely through the prison systems for THREADS. On the outside, however, this company is known more so for video visitation. That is the thing that has taken this company to the top with family members that have their loves ones that are incarcerated. It has become evident that there are many people that are downloading the app. They are finding it more convenient to use this app than driving to a prison. See the Youtube campaign to understand.

The THREADS system has become a major upgrade that many people are relying on. The investigators inside the prison system are able to do their jobs much more efficiently with THREADS.

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ClassDojo Animated Shorts Encourage Community and Creativity

It is often accepted that many skills and abilities are predetermined in people and that talent and natural intelligence are primary factors. However, there is another idea that science has suggested over the years, that people can improve their intelligence if they learn it properly. This includes intelligence, and is referred to as the “growth mindset.”

ClassDojo shares this idea and, according to ClassDojo’s Critters Want to Teach You About Growth Mindsetson EdSurge worked with the Project for Education Research that Scales(PERTS) of Stanford University to release a five-episode animated series spreading word about the growth mindset.

ClassDojo is an app intended for creating a community between students, teachers, and parents. This communication app empowers teachers to encourage positivity and hard work in their students while keeping parents in the loop about their classes and their children’s successes. Parents can be more involved in their child’s education than ever before.

The app is designed to help students hone important skills that they will need in life, such as commitment and teamwork. The goal of the creators is to help make a positive environment and culture within classrooms and schools.

The online article states that ClassDojo has users in approximately one half of the United States’ classes. The first of the animated shorts was released in January 2016, using cute and colorful creatures to explain how children in school can strengthen their intelligence over time. The rest of the videos were released in the following weeks on Youtube and ClassDojo’s website, including a discussion guide for families and teachers.

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of ClassDojo Liam Don believes that the videos are an excellent opportunity to get education ideas out into the open and make change, while Executive director of PERTS Dave Paunesku said his group had never participated in a student-centric effort, nor had they done animation. He mentioned that the shorts are meant to teach that learning is more than simply hard work. It also requires planning and strategy for students to succeed.

PERTS is offering an online toolkit for teachers and parents, and will also be surveying teachers to find out how they affect their students’ behaviors in the classroom. ClassDojo was asked in the article if they would later start gaining profit for their endeavors, but Don does not seem to have plans for it yet.


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In Control of Your Communication With Securus Technologies

Defining Securus Technologies
Securus Technologies will put you in control because it is an all-in-one account management company based in Dallas, Texas. It is the solution that leaves you in full control of inmate communication between you and your incarcerated loved one. It will provide you with a number of superior features including access 24 hours a day. Everyone can have access to their account from the following:
* personal computer
* smartphone
* tablet
This is patented technology that does provide excellent alternatives to inmate phone calls that lead to public safety.

The Release of the Mobile Video Visitation App
Securus Technologies has announced their latest launching. They have launched a mobile application for video visitation. This app is available for the following:
* Android smartphones
* tablets
* mobile application
* iPhones
* iPads
* iPod touches 
The video visit mobile application is another method that provides a convenient way to visit with an incarcerated individual. This is a helpful app that allows you to remain in contact with any incarcerated loved ones. This is an app that will allow for visits and maintaining connections. Previously, all family and friends who wanted to remain in contact with a loved one who was incarcerated had no choice in how they could participate in a visit. This is an app that will make certain that visitation with your loved one will be convenient and clear. This new application will be good for all needed communication during an incarceration. This is great because it will allow the family and friends to share their every day happening with those who are in jail. This will keep the parents and children engaged in family events. This is safe communication that will be good for everyone.

Securus is Made Simple 
Securus has made it simple to connect with your loved ones who have been incarcerated. This is a technology that is easy and effortless. These improvements have led to a boost in business and, in turn a expansion in leadership. This is taking control in Communication. You will appreciate having the ability to access your entire account and the activity. This has been made simple to stay completely up-to-date with all of your communication matters and concerns. This includes TextPay and AutoPay features. There is more information about Securus Technologies provided on this link.

Skout Helps You Meet People From Around The World

Skout is one of many social media apps on the market today that allows users to make friends with anyone around the world. The Skout app gives users a large list of people to choose from, and a simple tap on the touchscreen gives the user information about their new friends. New friends made online are often from near home, but Skout is introducing people to friends from all over the world.

#1: How Many People Meet Friends Online

Skout did a recent survey of its users to find out where everyone lives, and the results were quite staggering. Users on Skout from all over the world, but the most popular countries were America, UK, France and Australia.

#2: Is Skout Good For Dating?

Skout is an application on that connects people without pretense. Skout tells all its users that they can make friends, but there is no limit to how far friends can go after meeting on Skout. Skout is challenging social media applications like Zoosk with the openness of their system. Skout does not promise users they will find love, but people are finding love on Skout here and there.

#3: Why Is Skout So Simple?

Skout asks its users to sign up for accounts without giving up too much information. The information offered on Skout is basic in very respect, but users pick their friends based on a single picture. The conversations on Skout are easy to maintain, and the interface allows users to keep up more than one conversation at a time. Talking to a large group of friends is easy, and users will feel like they are some of the most popular people in the world when using Skout.

#4: Will Skout Users Get Bored?

Skout is implementing new features every few months to keep users interested. Skout does not use a desktop version to manage their accounts, and users must stay on their phones to use the app. Keeping users on mobile devices makes the process much easier for everyone, and Skout works hard to ensure every mobile user has a great experience. The significant dip in services users see from other social media sites does not happen on Skout. The service is stellar because Skout has but one platform.

Skout is a new breed of social media that does not force users to choose between mobile and desktop applications. One tap on a screen brings people closer together, and Skout consistently releases new updates that make the app as modern as possible. Users who are looking for an easy way to meet new people need not look further than the Skout app. Some users will find great friends, and other users will find the romance they have needed for so long.