Brian Bonar Opens The Ranch At Bandy Canyon

Brian Bonar has taken a step outside the world of finance to work in the restaurant business. He began with Dalrada Financial where he was CEO, and he has moved on to a new sort of business. Opening and running restaurants is Brian’s passion, and he wants his patrons to try the Ranch at Bandy Canyon.

His new space is perfect for events, holds an amazing kitchen has a lovely French chef in the kitchen. This article takes a look at how Brian has built a restaurant brand that is based in the softness of fine French cuisine.

#1: How Did Brian Start?

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar got his start in cuisine as he learned to cook at home, and he opened Bellamy’s after getting a handle on the finer points of French food. He offers a bistro cuisine at the diner that sits in the midst of historic downtown Escondido.

He came to Escondido because he loves everything about San Diego, the weather and the people. The weather alone brings millions of vacationers to the area every year, and Brian wishes to cash in on everyone who ventures to the area to taste fine food.

#2: What Is The Ranch At Bandy Canyon?

The Ranch at Bandy Canyon was the second idea to come from Brian’s desire to serve food to the public. He created a large space outside Escondido that would play host to hundreds at a time, and he ensured the space was outfitted for large parties.

There is a dinner service every day, and it is a place where the patrons may take great joy in the food prepared. He understands his food is different from the traditional French menu, and he hired a brilliant chef from France to run the kitchen.

#3: How Does San Diego Compare?

Brian is an avid supporter of the San Diego area and its culture. He is a Scotch native who has found a second home in the southern California valley that plays host to San Diego, and he will stay in the area as long as it will have him. He quite understands the people of the area, and he gives them food they will enjoy.

His understanding of the market makes him one of the finest owners in the area, and he brings only the best chefs to work in his restaurants.

Brian Bonar steps outside the norm to prepare food for the people of greater San Diego, and he believes his approach to French food will capture the hearts and minds of everyone passing through the area. He wishes to offer something that requires no fuss, and he hopes his customers will fall in love with the food the way he has.