The Transition of Mike Baur From a Top Swiss Banker to A Startup Star

Sometimes you may work in a particular career until you feel you don’t belong there anymore. You feel the incessant urge to do better. Change is always good, and you can even do much better in your new career and help others in the society. Meet Mike Baur the co-founder and executive at Swiss Startup Factory who moved from banking sector to the startup investment realm.


The Swiss Startup Factory started in 2014, with Mike Baur is a co-founder. The primary purpose of the business was to bring some market in the traditional markets regarding the products available for sale and also the business models. Mike is responsible for all fundraising and finances needed as this is an independent and private company.


The Swiss Startup Factory works in three-month long accelerator program where they provide a platform for services like coaching, mentoring, office space and also entrepreneurial networks. Here is a list of three of the top ten startups which have passed through the woodworks of the startup company founded by Mr. Baur.


  1. Coreziod


From time to time, the existing IT infrastructure and technology needs to be changed. This overhauls are quite expensive. Now, Corezoid is an app which helps simplify the changing of such vital bank IT systems.


  1. Foxstone


This is an intuitive app meant to pool together investors interested in real estate.


  1. Ndigita


Ndigita is yet another banking app. This one helps to ease the complexities associated with tracking money crossing over international borders.


Mike Baur transition from Banking


Mike Baur is an entrepreneur hailing from Switzerland. He is an alumnus of Rochester University graduating with MBA and later an executive MBA from the University of Berne. Mike has 20 years’ experience in Swiss banking rising from a commercial apprentice to an executive board member. He then left banking business and in the partnership of Max Meister and Oliver Walzer started Swiss Startup Factory.


Mike’s Rise to the Top


In 2016, Mike Baur became the deputy managing director after the company began collaboration with CTI. In the same year, Mike was responsible for running the programs the Company was having with Goldbach GROUP and Fintechfusion. Mike also participated in a contest of the University of Gallen where he acted as the Jury member at the START summiteer. In December 2016, the wall stress journal wrote and showed the profile of Mike Baur early career and his journey of transition from the banking sector to entrepreneurship and later to startup investments.


Jason Hope Talks about the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is regarded as one of the most knowledgeable experts on the issue of Internet of Things. For this reason, Jason Hope has built a name for himself as a commentator and a writer on this issue. He says that the internet of things is the next big thing and companies will be in a rush to have a share of its market.

According to this expert, the subject of contention can be defined as the interconnection of technology which results in synchronization of devices. These devices that Jason Hope speaks about are not limited to street lights, electronic devices, kitchen appliances and cars. He predicts that when humanity embraces the Internet of Things, data will be shared with ease which will result in reduced waste and increased efficiency. The internet of things will change the way businesses operate.

Today, there is a perception that we can get online using smartphones and computers. However, on the onset of the Internet of Things, it will be associated with almost any gadget and making coffee or turning lights on will be tied to the technology. One beneficiary of the Internet of Things will be the public transport. Amid the chaos that surrounds public transport, implementation of the internet of things will see people shift to public transport. The technology will be used to monitor trains and busses. This will result in less congestion on the roads, few traffic accidents, and reduced pollution.

Jason also addresses the issue Internet of Things in the rural areas. While major advantages will be experienced in the urban areas, there is still something for the rural settings. Emergency responses will be quicker, and accident monitoring will be enhanced. Jason Hope holds a degree in finance from Arizona State University. He is known as a philanthropist, futurist, and investor. He lives in the US state of Arizona in a town called Scottsdale.

All written works and articles of Jason Hope can be read on and

Arthur Becker Is A Real Estate Investor And Tech Professional

Arthur Becker is a tech and real estate investor. He enrolled in Bennington College where he studied and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Administration. He then proceeded to the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. In 2002, he joined Navisite, an affiliation of Spectrum Enterprise and the largest provider of enterprise-class, managed applications, and cloud-enabled services. He served as the CEO of the company. In addition, Arthur served as a board member of the company and left in 2010. His 8-year commitment with this tech company marked a milestone in his career. Presently, Arthur is the CEO and chairman of the Zinio Company, the world’s largest digital magazine producer and distributor according to NY Mag.

Zinio has innovative applications on different platforms such as Windows, Kindle, IOS, and Android where it has online newsstands. The company helps digital magazine publishers to reach out to consumers. They help customers to experience the best digital magazine market through Zinio’s publishing services, which are built on the most advanced and updated technology. Zinio is the most extensive digital magazine since the magazines are available in 30 different languages. Becker is also the managing director of Madison Technology Group and Atlantis Investors Company. See,

Mr. Becker has an extensive background in real estate investment. He invests in lucrative properties with the aim of making profit in future. According to the NY Daily News, his deep and successful involvement in the industry has earned him a place among the top ten investors in New York City. His recent investments have targeted 10 Sullivan Street where he secured three Soho Townhomes. Becker acquired the townhomes in exchange of his stake in another condo development.

The townhomes, which are 30, 40 and 50 block of the same building, are strategically located. Their prices are expected to appreciate once they are completed. The investment is among the four homes that Madison Equities and Property Markets Group constructed. Although Arthur did not close the amount that he invested in the townhomes, The Deal reported that $15 million in cash and $5 million in mortgage was shelled out. According to reports, Becker has infused a profit of $ 500 million in the New York Real Estate through Atlantic Investors LLC, his own investment firm.