The Transition of Mike Baur From a Top Swiss Banker to A Startup Star

Sometimes you may work in a particular career until you feel you don’t belong there anymore. You feel the incessant urge to do better. Change is always good, and you can even do much better in your new career and help others in the society. Meet Mike Baur the co-founder and executive at Swiss Startup Factory who moved from banking sector to the startup investment realm.


The Swiss Startup Factory started in 2014, with Mike Baur is a co-founder. The primary purpose of the business was to bring some market in the traditional markets regarding the products available for sale and also the business models. Mike is responsible for all fundraising and finances needed as this is an independent and private company.


The Swiss Startup Factory works in three-month long accelerator program where they provide a platform for services like coaching, mentoring, office space and also entrepreneurial networks. Here is a list of three of the top ten startups which have passed through the woodworks of the startup company founded by Mr. Baur.


  1. Coreziod


From time to time, the existing IT infrastructure and technology needs to be changed. This overhauls are quite expensive. Now, Corezoid is an app which helps simplify the changing of such vital bank IT systems.


  1. Foxstone


This is an intuitive app meant to pool together investors interested in real estate.


  1. Ndigita


Ndigita is yet another banking app. This one helps to ease the complexities associated with tracking money crossing over international borders.


Mike Baur transition from Banking


Mike Baur is an entrepreneur hailing from Switzerland. He is an alumnus of Rochester University graduating with MBA and later an executive MBA from the University of Berne. Mike has 20 years’ experience in Swiss banking rising from a commercial apprentice to an executive board member. He then left banking business and in the partnership of Max Meister and Oliver Walzer started Swiss Startup Factory.


Mike’s Rise to the Top


In 2016, Mike Baur became the deputy managing director after the company began collaboration with CTI. In the same year, Mike was responsible for running the programs the Company was having with Goldbach GROUP and Fintechfusion. Mike also participated in a contest of the University of Gallen where he acted as the Jury member at the START summiteer. In December 2016, the wall stress journal wrote and showed the profile of Mike Baur early career and his journey of transition from the banking sector to entrepreneurship and later to startup investments.


Bruce Levenson and Former Hawks Owners Sue Insurance Carrier

The former ownership group of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team filed a lawsuit in state court against New Hampshire Insurance Company and AIG, who they allege refuse to play a claim associated with the Hawks’ owners buyout of GM Daniel Ferry. The suit alleges that not only does AIG refuse to pay the claim, it refuses to admit that the policy has even been triggered in this case.

The current Hawks ownership, led by Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler, are not a party to the suit. Ferry’s buyout terminated the 18-million contract that was signed six years before, the sale of the team coming days later in 2015. Bruce Levenson and the ownership group argue that their policy includes several clauses covering wrongful termination and workplace torts, which should apply to the Ferry case.

Bruce Levenson is a co-founder of and partner in United Communications Group (UCG), which was founded in 1977. Originally a newsletter for the energy industry, UCG expanded into a major information provider to the oil and gas sector. Levenson was also the controlling partner of the Atlanta Spirit Group, which owned the Atlanta Hawks and the Atlanta Thrashers hockey team.

In addition, Levenson serves on the Board of TechTarget, a spin-off of UCG, and on the board of the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. He also previously consulted for private equity firm BIA Digital Partners.

Don Ressler and Made it Big in Online Fashion for Women

Don Ressler has become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the last several years. Don Ressler has been able to captivate a lot of audiences with his strong line of fashion for women through Fabletics and JustFab. This is how so many people have become acquainted with what Don Ressler is selling. He has become one of the most popular people in the world of e-commerce, and he seems to just be getting started. There are lots of people that are looking at what Don Ressler and his moves in the clothing industry, but he is not doing it all alone. The key to his success lies in knowing how to pick creative partners.

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JustFab becomes TechStyle Fashion Group
JustFab raises $85M at what sources say is a $1B valuation

What most people have seen when they checked out JustFab is the cool way that this company has been led by Kimora Lee. This was just the beginning. She was a the one that helped shoot JustFab to the top. That was a very interesting person to lead the brand. Don Ressler had already seen Kimora Lee in action with her Baby Phat brand, and he knew that she would be the right person to help the consumers build up interest in JustFab. They would check out this low cost solution because it was affordable. It would be the thing that would keep people interested in the clothes and shoes. Don Ressler knew that this could work on multiple levels so that made it easier to move to the next venture, Fabletics.

This would be another company that would be led by a celebrity. It was during this time that Don Ressler would recruit someone in the acting industry. Kate Hudson would come in and take the lead in a huge way. She has managed to create commercials and build social media buzz. There is so much talk about what this company is able to do, and it is all because Kate Hudson has made her mark. Don Ressler also has another partner, Adam Goldenberg, that has been helping him build his brand. This is the best thing about having a company like this. Don Ressler can steer the company in the right direction from behind the scenes and get help from celebrities that are interested in taking his companies to the next level.

Fabletics is the type of company that managed to become a leader in online fashion. This is because Ressler has built the anticipation for Fabletics.

Check Don Ressler on

Mike Baur Comes Up With a Supportive Venture for Startups

Mike Baur is renowned for coming up with a company that is responsible for nurturing dreams and helping startups gain traction. The Swiss Startup Factory, which he launched in 2014, has been classified as one of the best venture capitals within Switzerland that has committed its resources to ensuring potentially huge businesses are nurtured.


This is a dream Mike Baur had from the onset and since 2014, they have managed to assist a number of individuals, who now own businesses that are solving problems. To make the Swiss Startup Factory a reliable haven for startups, Mike Baur has invited leading professionals in the country and educational institutions.


Co-working space

Startups need a conducive environment that can facilitate their growth and expansion and this is what the Swiss Startup Factory is offering. They have created a co-working space that allows different individuals to brainstorm and come up with solutions.


The space is equipped with all the necessary technology that can accelerate the incubation to offer strong and well-prepared startups that can compete relentlessly. Mike Baur is hopeful about taking in more students into the three months incubation program since they are not limited on who can join as long as the ideas reviewed are valid and promising.


Accounting services

Business is more about numbers and in the absence of proper accounting one would not make the right decisions or understand what ought to be done at certain times. The Swiss Startup Factory accounting service helps the startups to explore the reality about the business. It is a reliable way to understand the health of a business and come up with actionable ideas.


Free legal advice

Also important in the management of a business is the presence of legal support. A business cannot operate oblivious of the laws that define how things should be run. Going against one or more of the business laws could spell doom for a business since most of the punitive measures mentioned in some sections are enough to force a business out of the market.


Mike Baur

Born in Switzerland, Mike Baur relentlessly pursued his dream of becoming a banker and that led him to attend the Bern University where he graduated with an Executive MBA. He served in the banking sector of Switzerland for more than 10 years and in 2014, he made a bold decision and left his job to venture into business. This saw him launch the Swiss Startup Factory where he spends most of his time and money.



Improving Real Estate Customer Experience Through The Use Of Technology

Davos Real Estate group is ranked amongst top real estate industries in the United States. The primary reason why the company is respected is due to their effort in making customers get the best experience in the real estate industry through sound financial plans supported by the use of modern technology.

Davos Real Estate boasts of its experienced senior executives like David Osio who have helped the company to give their customers real estate investment solutions that are profitable through regular renovations on real estate property and adjusted rental income.

To improve customer experience, the company launched the Davos CAP calculator, an application that could be used in calculating profits on investment, management of cash flow in real estate investment and evaluating the impact of mortgage in the profitability of an investment.

Speaking after launching the application, Gerard Gonzalez, a senior manager of Davos Real Estate confirmed that their company was working on other applications that could help streamline their services. Davos CAP Calculator can be downloaded freely from Google App store.

The other applications will be used in searching real estate properties in the United States, making mortgage calculations and communicating with the company’s professionals. Davos Real Estate group has a professional task force that is experienced in making property sales, rent adjustment, and property development.

The apps will also be used to calculate prospective rent from a property that an investor can earn in future. This will help the apps’ users to decide whether investing in the property is viable given the estimation on how much the property will earn them in the future. The app will help the clients to align their investment portfolios with their financial goals.

The company is a subsidiary of Davos Financial group of companies. Within two decades, Davos Financial group has grown into a top financial advice provider. Through the company’s founder and CEO David Osio, it has expanded its market to other cities like Geneva, New York, Panama City and many other towns.

David Osio is a financial expert with a wealth of experience in the business industry supported by a firm academic Background. Before starting Davos Financial group, Mr. Osio served as a senior executive in OPED enterprise, LETCO Commercial Companies, MGO and Banco Latino International.

Apart from the business Career, David Osio is also a generous individual who supports organizations such as UMA Foundation, Fundana Foundation, Saludarte Foundation of Art, The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation and a member of Miami Symphony Orchestra Board.

Follow Osio on Twitter: @davidosio1

Fabletics Inevitably Becomes A Chain Of Stores

Racked has released the amazing news that Fabletics will release news about its chain of stores on YouTube. Fabletics is a fashion brand started by Kate Hudson for women just like herself, and the stores will reach women who are in dire need of better daily clothes. This article offers an explanation of why a move to a chain of stores makes Fabletics a better brand to shop with.

#1: What Is The Purpose Of Fabletics?

Fabletics was started to offer gym clothes to women that they may choose to wear every day. Daily gym clothes are now a high expression of fashion, and other fashion brands have been working to catch up with Fabletics. The high fashion that women may now wear on the way to the gym are very attractive, and the clothes produced by Fabletics may be worn anywhere.

#2: Are Fabletics Clothes Easier To Purchase In The Store?

Fabletics began with subscriptions, and the brand has grown from a pure subscription model to require large stores. Large stores allow Fabletics to flood the sales floor with clothing pieces that mix together wonderfully, and the company is expanding their clothing options for women generally. Women who wear gym clothes on the street will soon have access to hundreds of styles once only available online.

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Fabletics Plans to Open 100 Stores in the Next Few Years

#3: Quickly Changing Clothes During The Day

The idea of changing clothes slowly several times per day is quite an annoyance for women with busy schedules. They often must make several appointments in the same day wearing different articles of clothing, and Fabletics will provide all the necessary pieces in the same store. The expansion to over 100 stores across America will easily fulfill the needs of busy women in every state, and Fabletics will soon become much more of a household name.

Leveraging the name of Kate Hudson as Fabletics founder is the simplest method of reaching working women across America. Fabletics is the originator of the athleisure trend that is now raging in all the corners of fashion. Women who wish to wear their gym clothes out of the house now have the highest level of sophistication available.

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The Philanthropic Giving of the Devos Family

Billionaire Rich Devos has long been a large donator various charities. Despite his great financial accomplishments in the past, Dick DeVos considers his philanthropic giving as his greatest work. The Devos family has stated that it has thus far given $1.2 billion in philanthropic giving. One of the family’s biggest giving sectors is in support of conservative political candidates. But they are also very generous with other causes in 2013 and 2014 combined giving more than $180 million. Most of their giving is to charities and hospitals in their hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Devos’ family has five different foundations: the Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, the Daniel and Pamella DeVos Foundation, the CDV5 Foundation, and the Douglas and Maria DeVos Foundation. These foundations are all unique, but are run by similar guiding principles.

Richard DeVos began amassing his considerable fortune in 1959 as co-founder of Amway. Today Amway brings in billions of dollars per year and Richard has become the second richest individual in Michigan. Richard and all of his children work in cooperation with each other in their giving with each of them taking turns giving to an agreed upon cause. After supporting conservative politicians, giving to Grand Rapids public schools is their biggest concentration of giving. Their longest area of concentrated giving has been in financial giving to Christian nonprofits that help the poor and needy. They do not simply give a random sum to these organizations and hope it is enough. The dollar amount given is always calculated for exactly what they need to be a successful charity.

They also do more than just give money to these non-profits. All of the family members have at various times sat on the board of a charity board somewhere in the world. Many of these boards are very high profile with celebrity members and world leaders on some of them.

Laidlaw & Company Offers Full Service Online

Laidlaw & Company is a small investment bank that offers boutique service that people love, but they are also very advanced in how they help people keep up with their accounts. Everyone who wants to be able to invest with Laidlaw & Company should make sure that they sign up for an online account on once they open their portfolio.

There are brokers in the office who are helping their clients every day, but there is also a way for people to check on their accounts without calling in or sending an email. Anyone who wants to have a look at their account on can do that at any time, and they will be able to ask for their account to change online if that is what they want. The full service is easy to access, and anyone can make changes to their accounts if that is what they want to do. It is also important for people to make sure that they are checking on their accounts so that they know what they can get from their next account change.

The information onn prnewswire that people get online is going to help them make better decisions, and it is going to help them if they do not want to constantly call or email the office. That makes the investment decisions easier, and it allows people to save money and time. Laidlaw & Company made it so that anyone would be able to check their account, and it is going to give clients access to something that they know they need in an instant. Clients can contact the firm online, and there is a broker at Laidlaw & Company who is going to give every client the service that they need. It is a really simple process for everyone, and it is going to help everyone make more money.

Owning Gold Is As Important Now As It Has Ever Been According To U.S. Money Reserve President Philip Diehl

Gold, silver and platinum have a long history of protecting wealth when economies take a turn for the worse. Philip Diehl, the President of the U.S. Money Reserve, made that point perfectly clear in an interview with recently. Gold, as well as silver, have been increasing in value since the turn of the 21st century, according to Diehl. But Mr. Diehl did say prices dropped in 2012 and again in 2015, but all the signs point to a major jump in gold, silver and platinum prices in 2016.

The U.S. economy is still growing, but that grow is slowing down every month. The health of the global economy is on life support, according to a recap of the Diehl podcast interview published by The European Union has major issues to address. It appears EuropeÕs economy will continue to show signs that a serious recession is in the works. Even though the dollar is still strong, Diehl thinks the condition of ChinaÕs economy, as well as the unrest in the European Union, will throw the world into a global recession, and that could happen in 2016.

CrunchBase reported it that Hedge fund managers are already planning for a drop in stock prices. Investors like Soros, Buffet and other hedge fund gurus are dumping huge amounts of stocks and reinvesting in gold and silver, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article. Investors are turning to the U.S. Money Reserve for help, according to Mr. Diehl. And Diehl knows how to help them.

Philip Diehl is the former Director of the U.S. Mint and chief of staff of the United States Treasury. Diehl also served as staff director for the Senate Finance Committee, so he has an inside track on whatÕs happening in government circles.

No can predict what is going to happen next in the global market, but one thing is sure. The price of gold is on the move again, and Philip Diehl thinks itÕs not going to stop increasing.

But as Diehl said, buying gold has always been a sound investment move. Diehl recommends gold and silver coins for investors that are just starting to invest in precious metals of the US Money Reserve. Government issued coins always hold their value, and they have a history of better than average returns.

Executive Consultant Susan McGalla Thinks Two New Walmart Changes May Help The Giant Retailer

Everyone has an opinion about Walmart. Four decades ago, Walmart changed the retail business, and small independent retailers couldn’t keep up with that change. The first change that Walmart instituted was buying in large quantities. The second was buying cheap, according to Pittsburgh executive consultant Susan McGalla. Walmart didn’t care much about the quality of their products when the chain first got started, but the executives in charge at the time quickly realized that was a big mistake. McGalla said Walmart spent a lot of money and did a huge amount of research to solve that problem. Walmart developed a quality control department that set standards for all vendors. Those standards change the quality of the products that Walmart offered consumers.

Over the years, other retail giants have taken several lessons from the Walmart playbook, and those companies have taken a major bite of Walmart’s market share. McGalla is familiar with how the retail business works because of her association with American Outfitters, and Wet Seal. Both of those companies were hurt by Walmart initially, but McGalla changed the direction of both companies and pulled them out of the destructive Walmart wake.

Ms. McGalla said Walmart has made several mistakes over the years, and those mistakes are now impacting the profitability of the company. One major mistake was not stocking shelves in a timely manner, and another was not paying hourly employees a decent wage. Walmart is facing serious sales and profit issues in today’s market, according to McGalla, and the company is trying to correct things before the chain takes a major Sears-type nose dive.

McGalla said Walmart is making two new changes to head off disaster especially in the chain’s superstores. The executives have decided to cut the number of products it sells in its big stores. McGalla said rather than selling four sizes of mustard in those stores; the stores will only carry two sizes. Superstores normally carry 120,000 products and executives have already cut 2,500 of those products, and more cuts are on the way, according to McGalla. Cutting the assortment of products in those stores could hurt sales, but McGalla thinks the opposite might happen.

Another big change is the height of their shelves in the checkout area. That doesn’t sound like a major change, but that will eliminate millions of dollars in sales because there will be no room for gum, candy and magazines in those areas. The reason, according to McGalla, is for visual effect. Critics say cutting millions of dollars in gum and candy sales is a bad idea, but McGalla thinks the stores need a facelift, and this is one of the first steps in the process. McGalla thinks Walmart stores look tired and out of touch with today’s consumers. In order to keep up with the competition, Walmart must change its image.

An image change doesn’t happen overnight. It is an expensive process, and that means stockholders won’t be happy. But it is necessary if Walmart wants to stay on top. Sears was in a similar situation 25 or 30 years ago, and the executives didn’t’ react. McGalla said retailers that don’t react to market changes usually lose consumer confidence and when that happens, reorganizing or going out of business becomes a nasty reality for them.