Mike Baur Comes Up With a Supportive Venture for Startups

Mike Baur is renowned for coming up with a company that is responsible for nurturing dreams and helping startups gain traction. The Swiss Startup Factory, which he launched in 2014, has been classified as one of the best venture capitals within Switzerland that has committed its resources to ensuring potentially huge businesses are nurtured.


This is a dream Mike Baur had from the onset and since 2014, they have managed to assist a number of individuals, who now own businesses that are solving problems. To make the Swiss Startup Factory a reliable haven for startups, Mike Baur has invited leading professionals in the country and educational institutions.


Co-working space

Startups need a conducive environment that can facilitate their growth and expansion and this is what the Swiss Startup Factory is offering. They have created a co-working space that allows different individuals to brainstorm and come up with solutions.


The space is equipped with all the necessary technology that can accelerate the incubation to offer strong and well-prepared startups that can compete relentlessly. Mike Baur is hopeful about taking in more students into the three months incubation program since they are not limited on who can join as long as the ideas reviewed are valid and promising.


Accounting services

Business is more about numbers and in the absence of proper accounting one would not make the right decisions or understand what ought to be done at certain times. The Swiss Startup Factory accounting service helps the startups to explore the reality about the business. It is a reliable way to understand the health of a business and come up with actionable ideas.


Free legal advice

Also important in the management of a business is the presence of legal support. A business cannot operate oblivious of the laws that define how things should be run. Going against one or more of the business laws could spell doom for a business since most of the punitive measures mentioned in some sections are enough to force a business out of the market.


Mike Baur

Born in Switzerland, Mike Baur relentlessly pursued his dream of becoming a banker and that led him to attend the Bern University where he graduated with an Executive MBA. He served in the banking sector of Switzerland for more than 10 years and in 2014, he made a bold decision and left his job to venture into business. This saw him launch the Swiss Startup Factory where he spends most of his time and money.



Raj Fernando Chopper Trading Helping Employees Relax

Raj Fernando, CEO and founder of ChopperTrading and ScoutaHead, talks about his leadership and hiring practices in a recent article. He is a highly successful financial investor who started as a volunteer at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. In 2002, he started Chopper Trading where he revolutionized trading workplace practices.

Most trading firms seem cramped, busy, and stressful. There are uniform desks everywhere with constantly ringing phones and very little space for personal time and relaxation. Chopper trading is quite the opposite. Employees of Chopper Trading can indulge in table tennis, poker, or lifting weights while they work. Their break room is an envious 3,000 square feet where the 150 employees can find a variety of activities to enjoy.

Raj Fernando understands the nature of stress that his employees must face and he is trying to keep his atmosphere and his employees as content as possible. He takes his atmosphere extremely serious and makes sure to hire those who align with his philosophy. His only goal is to find someone who fits with the vibe of Chopper Trading.

The recruiting team tries to weed out the people who would not align with their practices. Of course, they want someone with the knowledge and technical skills, but they also want someone who knows exactly who Chopper Trading is and what the company will require of them. They want employees to go from hire to retire. The goal for the company is to find those who wish to stay for the rest of their career.

about more Raj Fernando info: www.rajfernando.com

John Goullet Is A Favorite Of Fortune 500 Companies

When it comes to Fortune 500 companies, they have gotten to where they are by working with only the best people possible. That means the employees and anyone they allow to interact with them. That is why it speaks so highly of John Goullet, the Principal Executive of Diversant, that they trust him in the present and have in the past. One must remember this is the John Goullet that founded Info Technologies and was put in charge of finding solutions for Fortune 500 companies. When they want solutions, they want them as quickly as possible and they know that time is of the essence. While it is a great deal of responsibility, it is not something that John Goullet is afraid of, which is why he is the right man for the job.

Diversant is a company that prides itself on being different in every single thing that they do and it is part of their day to day business. After all, their motto is empowered by difference. When they look at IT professionals, they look at them long and hard. A lot of people have impressive resumes and have great educations, but do they have other factors that stand out that can’t be seen on a sheet of paper? Do they have the proper intangibles? Do they know how to command a room and get people to respect them? Do people listen to them? Do they have the mental toughness?

That is what John Goullet is looking for and that is what Fortune 500 companies are looking for out there. He does not want to let them down and he also does not want to set up an IT professional with a Fortune 500 company and it is not a good fit. Nobody wins in that situation. That is why he takes his time and really gets to know the person before he puts them in a certain situation. After all, his reputation is on the line and he has worked hard to obtain that and achieve that. He also cares about the people he is working with.

Movement in the Energy Market

The Street published an article about Soros Fund Management and some recent moves it made in several stocks. The fund sold out of NRG Energy, Chesapeake Energy and Chevron. These companies are among a few who are only set to reveal their earnings report at the end of this week. The article went on to say that while George Soros had been extremely successful in his investment decisions, this was too big a move for other, non-billionair, investors to follow. It would be safer to wait until the new figures are revealed to make any big decisions.

The looming question that the article kept bringing up was what George Soros and his firm might know that led them to dump all of those stocks. The article brought up the obvious indicators that might have led to the sell out. The major one is the turmoil in the energy sector. Energy prices have been fluctuating to extremes. Saudi Arabia and Russia tried to fix the problem by coming to an agreement to stop oil production. This would allow the price to rise back up. However, Iran has been suffering through years of sanctions and they have refused to freeze their oil production and sale. The price of a single barrel of oil has dropped by 73 percent since the summer of 2014.

George Soros gained his fame through brilliant investment decisions. He was well known for creating incredible returns for his clients. These numbers often times fell between 30 and 100 percent. One of his most famous investments was his bet against the British Pound in the 1990s. He made 1 billion dollars from that singular deal.

However, Soros has used his fame and his wealth to do good. In the 1980s, Soros decided to pursue philanthropy and formed his own charity, the Open Society Foundations. The charity started out as a way to level the playing field for the underdog in society. Soros provided black South African students with tuition for university. He also sent xerox machines to the Eastern Bloc so that dissidents could copy materials to spread their message. Soros then turned the charity into one that strove for increased human rights for everyone, more transparent government and more open societies.

Soros concentrates on this type of philanthropy because of his past in Europe. He was born in 1930 to a jewish family in Budapest, Hungary. His childhood memories are of his family hiding their cultural identity from their Nazi occupiers. His teenage years were marked by the communist regime. When Soros was 17, he fled Hungary and attended the London School of Economics.

To read the full article from The Street, you can click here: http://www.thestreet.com/story/13465588/1/week-ahead-in-energy-does-george-soros-know-something-we-don-t.html