Handy Has You Covered

Handy the home cleaning Service Company is redefining how home cleaning services work. They are taking age-old chores and connecting you with skilled individuals who can help you get them complete. Through the use of a mobile app and the capability of online booking, it is making the process of finding a Handyman or Handywoman to help you get the job done easier than ever before. In less than 60 seconds, you can book a professional to help you take care of the home services that you need. Handy offers a lot more than just window washing and vacuuming though they are your full fledge home cleaning services and Handyman headquarters.

Home Cleaning Services By Handy
They can help with home cleaning services such as sweeping, mopping, dusting and all of that other time consuming dirty work that none of us like to do. They don’t even complain about doing windows, which let’s face it, is something that none of us likes to do. Their home cleaning services are unparalleled to their competition and so are their prices. If you need help cleaning your home, the professionals at Handy can help.

Other Services By Handy
They can also help with other time consuming things such as furniture assembly and interior painting. Putting together furniture is never as easy as it looks and sometimes it is just easier to let a professional handle it. They also have professionals that can help with light fixtures including the installation or changing of light bulbs as well as installation of new fixtures. They also offer moving help which is something that we have all needed at one time or another. They also offer many other services including TV mounting, curtain and blind installation, knobs and lock installations, garbage disposal, vacation rental cleaning, office cleaning, ceiling and bath fans as well as other plumbing and electrical services.

Background Checked and Offering Services Across the Globe
Handy offers services in the United States, the United Kingdom as well as in Canada. So whether it is simple home cleaning that you need help with or if you have other more detailed needs and just need a Handyman to help you get it done contact the professionals at Handy. All of the professionals at Handy are certified and background check for your safety. Handy screens everybody that works for them and also require references and in person interviews. Since Handy’s inception there have been hundreds of thousands of applications but only approximately 3% of those applications have been accepted for employment after vetting applicants through the process. Their application process ensures that only professional, respectful and dedicated individuals will arrive at your home or office to help with whatever services you need.

Handy’s Home Cleaning Services Online

We are currently running on an internet driven economy where every aspect of our lives are affected by or influenced either positively or negatively by the growing internet usage globally. The best thing about the internet is the fact that it brings people closer. In the communication sector, the internet has made issues to do with connectivity easier. Today people living words apart can talk and see each other in real time using the internet on the various video and messaging platforms available at their disposal. Internet has turned the world into a global village where everything can be accessed all in the web.

As a result, businesses have taken up the challenge to shift with the changing business environment. The growth in eCommerce has changed the flow of business as we knew it and service providers have taken their businesses to the internet to take advantage of the current shift and opportunities therein. Handy Home Cleaning Services has taken the challenge to run their business online which is a huge step for the company. The company has brought a fresh new look on the home cleaning industry. The company has come nearer to the people through the internet and it has been doing well in the recent past.

The services that the company offers its clients are high demanded especially in the United States. With the current busy lifestyles and professional pursuits, people can barely get enough time to do their house chores. This has led to the rise in the demand for home cleaning services where Handy come in to help. Handy being a new company trying to make good footings in the various cities in America has been taking its time to study the market. One of its strategy in developing a good stable business is focusing on quality.

The company had a rough time while coming into the market because of its poor planning and misplaced priorities. For instance, it came in trying to establish branches all over the American market anticipating for accelerated growth. While it’s okay for a startup company to pursue growth, prudence dictates that you seek customer loyalty first. The company realized its mistake early enough and stopped its growth pursuits to focus on the quality of its services. Since the company changed its focus, the results have been impressive. The company has registered a groundbreaking record of 1million bookings in the last one year.

This growth is an indication of what the market looks like and how future predictions will state. If handy registered half a million bookings over the last seven month and two moths alter the bookings have risen to the one million mark, the prospects are good. The growth of the company is taking quite a fast turn and this can only be attributed to the growing demand and the quality of services offered.