Why Talk Fusion is The Talk Of Town

Talk Fusion’s Video Chat has become the top communication’s app in numerous countries all over the world, only a few weeks after its official launch. According to the Android Market discovery tool, Video Chat is now the number one communication application in Indonesia, ranks 20th in Switzerland and 5th in Japan. It is quite easy to see why it has seen instant popularity. Video Chat is smarter, faster and is compatible with all devices like PC, Mac, Apple, Android and tablet.

This recent success is just but the beginning. The global leader Talk Fusion does not intend to slow down. As the firm prepares itself for the launch of the highly anticipated 30 day Free Trial, the excitement has continued to build internationally. As a matter of fact, over the last 90 days, Talk Fusion’s web ranking has had more than 30,000 positions. This has been caused by the significant jump in traffic from page views and unique visitors.

There is a tremendous support from Customers and Associates across the globe. The VP of Training and Development at Talk Fusion views the Chat’s success as a showcase of the bigger impact the free trials will have on the market soon.

The video chat is currently available on Google Play and iTunes and you can download it for free. When the Free Trial Program is launched, interested parties will sign up through an Associate’s join site or from the corporate website directly. All users can get 30 days of full access to the entire product line without the need of a credit card.

Talk Fusion is a company that has dedicated itself to help businesses grow and change people’s lives through patent-pending video technology. The company’s innovative products are marketed by independent associates in over 140 countries.

It adheres to high ethical business practices and is also a member of Direct Selling Association (DSA). The company fosters a strong commitment to give back to family, communities, friends and animal charities in the world so as to have a positive global change.