The Community Teaching Approach of ClassDojo

Technology startups come in all stripes and varieties. Their presence is found in a host of industries. ClassDojo is an interesting endeavor as this tech startup is firmly rooted in the educational realm.


Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don co-founded the tech startup, but the process was not an easy one. Chaudhary arrived in California from Wales in 2011 on a tourist via. He had quite a bit of teaching experience under his belt, but he was completely new to the startup world. He and Don worked hard on fleshing out the idea for ClassDojo. Eventually, the idea become something more concrete.


Many years have passed and the two entrepreneurs have shown their work paid off. ClassDojo is a reality and teachers in scores of school districts embrace the app. ClassDojo allows for better interaction between teachers and parents. Through uploading photos and videos accessible through the app, parents can stay informed about the schoolwork their young ones are involved with.


Available to teachers at no charge, ClassDojo has become incredibly popular. Two out of three school districts are using the app to enhance the learning experience. The classroom becomes a fully-interactive community. As such, it should be no surprise ClassDojo is going viral. “Viral” refers to the half-a-million downloads occurring per day. That figure reveals massive interest in the app.


Investment funds have played a major role in the establishment of ClassDojo. $1.6 million is seed funding started things in 2012. Additional funding helped with the growth process. 2015 saw Series B funding reach a massive $21 million. The money has been put to amazing use. The actual app is packed with tremendous features.


In generations past, adults send their children to school and then had to rely on occasional letters and phone calls for information. Outside of special times, face-to-face meetings between adults and teachers was limited during the year. With modern advancements in technology, no reason exists why communication could not be bettered. Not very many tech companies were doing much to facilitate better – more communal – interactions. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don took it upon themselves to do something and a brilliant app is the result.