4 dog treats from Beneful that I recommend

If you are a dog owner like me, then you guys know this: dogs love treats! Everyone has their guilty pleasures, and dogs have them just like us.
I like to take my dog out to the park for a nice workout for me and him. We play fetch and jog around the park.

After having a lot of fun doing these activities, I like to reward my dog with Beneful treats.

Here are some of Beneful treats that I purchase on Wal-Mart for my dog that I think your dogs will enjoy as well.

1. Baked Delights Stars with bacon & cheese

This is the number 1 treat that I would recommend to you. Just like people, dogs enjoy bacon and cheese. I mean, who doesn’t?

A shortbread dog treat with bacon and cheese bits, you just can’t go wrong with this one.

2. Baked Delights Stars with chicken & cheese

Another variety of the Beneful Baked Delights series, this one is pretty similar to the last one, but instead of bacon, it’s chicken. My dog enjoys this one quite a lot as well.

3. Baked Delights Heartfuls with apple flavored filling & real bacon

This is probably the most unique treat that I have found. This shortbread treat has apple flavors with bacon. Plus, the treat is in a heart shape!

4. Baked Delights Hugs with beef and cheese

My dog likes to eat beef and cheese, and this one, well, has just that! This crispy treat has all the flavors that will accommodate any hungry puppy.

Obviously, all dogs are different. Some dogs may like these recommendations, some may not, but I can guarantee you that you will be able to find a Beneful product that will satisfy your dog.

To find more information about Beneful products, check out their Amazon website.

Treats page: https://www.beneful.com/products/dog-treats/


Dog food innovations making the industry explode

Beneful‘s line of wet food come with only real ingredients which are finely chopped to make it palatable for your beloved pet. The little bits of real meat and vegetables are covered in sauce that bring out the delightful texture and shine. It is so easy to break apart with a fork that you will have to keep yourself from stealing your dogs treat. With the smell of thanksgiving it will really get you and your pets mouth watering. There is a combination of chunky meats, vegetables and whole grains that your dog can enjoy. All come in a resealable container so if your pet does not manage to finish the meal you can easily store it in the fridge for the next meal. The Beneful Medleys are only made with real meat, and nutritious vegetables, topped with a generous helping of sauce which will leave your dog longing for more.

Beneful line of dog food can be purchased nationwide in grocery stores, pet shops and mass markets. The Beneful brand dog food also offers coupons on Purinastore.com for those looking to save some on their next purchase. These can be found online on Facebook, in magazines or newspapers and occasionally in the packaging of the pet food. If you would like to contact a Beneful representative just send them an email or call them on 1-888-236-3385. The staff at Beneful are always happy to help and have your dogs wellbeing at heart.

On a tour of the Freshpet Inc factory in Bethlehem Pennsylvania there was a possibility to taste some of the dog food that was being manufactured here. So you might think why would humans taste dog food, well this is no ordinary dog food, this is gourmet refrigerated dog food. The little chunks reminded you of Thanksgiving. This is a rapidly growing market which is now making annual sales of $23.7 billion. There are many other companies taking similar approaches trying to win over customers and their beloved pets. From gourmet to treats and everything in between is catered for.



Why I Buy Beneful For My Dog

My dog, Tucker, just turned 11. In his younger years, I was a bit haphazard with the food I fed him. I would just kind of go to the grocery store and buy whatever was on sale, not paying attention to the brand, what the food was made out of, or how nutritious it might be for my little guy. When he was younger, that wasn’t so much a big deal, but now that he’s started to get older, his reactions to food have started to kick in.

When I purchase food made out not the best ingredients it can cause stomach problems for Tucker and his older tummy. If you’ve ever had a sick dog, then you know what a mess that can be. When he reacts poorly to food, he also loses his ability to wait to use the bathroom when we’re on walks, ending in a mess in my home. When he is able to wait, sometimes accidents happen on the sidewalk, and aren’t exactly the consistency that’s easy to pick up while we’re on the move.

All that, along with a concern for Tucker’s ongoing health is why I ultimately decided to switch him to Beneful. Beneful is made out of wholesome ingredients, and packs a lot of nutrition for my older pup. While the type I guy isn’t made specifically for older dogs, I feel like Im getting him the nutrition he needs while also purchasing something that’s affordable.

Beneful on facebook is available at a number of different retailers near my house, and tends to be available most places I shop when I travel as well. That means that even if I’m in a pinch, I don’t have to worry that I’ll need to switch Tucker’s food and accidentally cause him any issues.

So, can opt to give him chicken one week, and them lamb the next. For special occasions, like Christmas and his birthday, I can also give him Beneful wet food. That way he’s still getting a treat, but he’s getting one that I know is going to be both safe and nutritious for him to eat.

If I had to do it all over again, I probably would have started him on Beneful when he was a puppy. He really enjoys the food, and it’s easy to buy.