Beneful Recieves a Complete Assessment

Familiar and High Quality Ingredients

Every dog owner knows that their dog is part of the family. Every pet deserves high quality and familiar ingredients in their meals. Every dog owner strives to provide quality meals to their pet.

Beneful Under Scrutiny
Beneful is a popular dog food brand. It has been under much scrutiny and under the watchful eye of dog lovers as well as from pet food lovers. Beneful is made by PurinaStore PetCare. This is a high selling dry dog food brand. Beneful is so popular that there are more that 14 million dogs every year who are fed Beneful.

A Close Look at the Ingredients
There has been much criticism from bloggers regarding the ingredients that are in the Beneful brand. There was a concern about propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is sometimes confused with ethylene glycol. Ethylene glycol according to is poisonous to dogs. Propylene glycol is actually approved by the FDA and it is used in foods for humans and dogs. There has also been much criticism about the dyes that are used in the Beneful brand. These are dyes that add much color to the dog food. The colors are very appealing to people, yet, dogs do not seem to have a preference regarding their colorful food. The critics have brought up the included ingredients called mycotoxins. It should be noted that mycotoxins are found in a large majority of various dry foods for pets. The European Union and the FDA do permit lower levels of mycotoxins in pet foods. These levels are not considered to be a threat to health nor does this ingredient pose any health concerns.

Issues and Concerns Raised in 2015
The Beneful brand has faced all of the issues and the concerns when these were brought up in the year 2015. Plaintiffs actually had brought a class action suit against this brand. The suit was concerning Beneful. This case is still pending in court.

A Safe Dog Food
It is true that Beneful is under scrutiny. It is also true that the entire Beneful team is highly professional. The team is well-trained and willing to be viewed under the microscope. Follow Beneful: