IAP Worldwide Services Honors Commitment to the American People First

Ingenuity and Purposes Worldwide Services, or IAP, was founded in Irmo, South Carolina, as a contractor with the American armed forces in Saudi Arabia. Today, IAP is a multi-faceted problem-solving company, focused on find unique solutions in a timely manner. IAP Worldwide honors its commitment to the American people through fulfillment of contracts regarding information technology, management, and logistics with government and military organizations. Additionally, IAP’s international teams provide infrastructural support to private clients globally. The company’s scientists and engineers are also at the forefront of the energy industry, building and maintaining power plants, and constructing renewable energy systems. As a high-flier in the aviation industry, IAP supports upgrades and upkeep of aircraft, and provides the information technology that keeps the pilots connected and safe. IAP has information on the ground as well, supporting American allies through technological solutions to their communication needs.

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IAP Worldwide is renowned for business and research acumen in service to the American people. Chief Executive Officer and Director Douglas Kitani was honored in January of 2015 through his selection to Executive Mosaic Washington 100 list for his service to the government contracting industry. In June of the same year, The Maryland Committee for Employee Support of the Guard and Reserve recognized an IAP Program Manager, Kendall Clinton, for her contribution to “National Security and Protecting Liberty and Freedom by supporting America’s National Guard and Reserve Force.” The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration awarded IAP Fisheries Scientist Kelli O’Donnell the title of “Marine Fisheries Service Team Member of the Year.”

IAP is also a community organization. In November of 2015, the company hosted the first ‘Represent 321’ five-kilometer race, with runners and from all over Brevard County, Florida through costumes, including military uniform, school colors, and company gear. The family friendly event benefitted United Way of Brevard County, American Veterans Empowerment Team (AVET) Project of Brevard County, and Brevard County Schools and School Foundation. In 2014 and 2015, IAP’s commitment to serving those who have served was recognized by the U.S. Veterans’ Magazine, who named IAP as one of the nation’s top veteran-friendly companies.

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