Lime Crime Starts a Brand New Revolution

Lime Crime was formed in 2008 when Doe Deere came to America, from Russia, and wanted to start a beauty revolution. What she ended up doing, was creating one of the most influential makeup brands of the noughties, that extends into today. The coolest part, was with her first inspiration, which was the Unicorn line of makeups. These were intended to bring bright colors, and brilliant highlights to your lips and eyes, and they were first made available on Dolls Kill.

One look at the Lime Crime Velvetines available on Amazon, and it’s pretty clear that this brand has become extremely popular. Lime Crime has developed into a brand that has transcended, with tons of stars turning to this type of makeup. Just look at their Instagram feed, which regularly features celebrities like Melanie Martinez, the famous singer that swears by Lime Crime’s products.

But don’t take my word for it, look at what real people are doing with this makeup. People on websites like Tumblr, that are actually exploring what these brilliant colors could mean for you. Taking inspiration from celebrities like Kylie Jenner, but making these looks their own, with affordable makeups from stores like Urban Outfitters that aren’t going to overcharge, even when they are offering quality. That’s really the cool part.

The dangerous side of liquid liners, is that you never know how they are going to dry. But the cool part about most of the Velvetines, is that they go on wet, but give you this brilliant matte finish, that’s not too glossy, and that allows the radiant color to shine through. Something really embodied by the pictures on But the really great part is that because these go on as a liquid form, they contour to the looks on your lips in a really unique way, that you just can’t get with any other type of makeup. Making Lime Crime something truly special.