FreedomPop Saves Money And Shakes Up The Mobile Industry

Everyone wishes it was possible to cut costs and save money, but doing so is tough. Cutting back on mobile service is really hard for those who have to stay on top of personal and professional business. FreedomPop has established itself on the mobile market. The free 3G/4G network delivers extremely fast and reliable service.

Anyone who thinks the word “free” was a misprint or an exaggeration would be incorrect. FreedomPop truly is a free service. Those who buy a smartphone from FreedomPop can access a basic amount of free phone, text, and data. The amounts provided on the free service is probably going to be adequate for the vast majority of users. Those who want a little more service may be able to procure it by simply expanding on the basic service.

The costs for expanded service are more than reasonable. They are excellent. $19.99 is all that it costs to procure unlimited phone, text, and data. And for a very nominal fee, a customer can subscribe to the new FreedomPop Wi-Fi hotspot system. No matter where a client travels, access to any one of several million hotspots is possible.

FreedomPop may have garnered an enormous amount of publicity thanks to the incredible mobile phone service. Not everyone is familiar with the other services available through FreedomPop. The company provides a home internet service as well as a portable one that works in vehicles. Reading a new FreedomPop review is advised for anyone who may not have skimmed one in a while. A lot of great changes and advancements have been made by the FreedomPop company. The Los Angeles startup has greatly built upon its early success and is slowly expanding across the globe.

FreedomPop has received a tremendous influx of venture capital funding. This would indicate a great deal of faith is present regarding the future success of this company.


Make The Choice To Be A FreedomPop Customer

Anyone who has become sick and tired of the high prices that they are being charged by their current cell phone service provider should ask themselves a few questions prior to switching to another service provider. The person who wants to make the switch should ask how much money they want to pay, how much service they’ll need, and how reliable the company is that they are choosing. Those who don’t want to do any shopping around but simply want to go with a great company that has low prices should choose FreedomPop. There are many reasons why FreedomPop is an excellent choice.

FreedomPop is a great choice for those who want cell phone service because they offer not only free cell phone service that is at no charge but also unlimited cell phone service for a low charge of only $20 each month. Those who choose the free cell phone service will receive 500 MB of data, 250 text messages, and 200 minutes of talk time to use on any smartphone that works with FreedomPop. Since a lot of people tend to use a lot more minutes than is offered with the free service, many have chosen to purchase the $20 unlimited service plan.

With the $20 unlimited cell phone plan, the FreedomPop user can get unlimited minutes, texts, and data. The data will be at 3G speeds after 1 GB of 4G LTE speeds have been used, but it’s still easy to go on the Internet as well as run applications like the GPS and others while using 3G speeds. Having unlimited text messages and phone calls is also a great bonus because many are paying much more money for some of the same services with another cell phone company.

The coverage that FreedomPop has goes anywhere the Sprint network goes because they are under the umbrella of Sprint. Since FreedomPop is offering great quality for their cell phone users, one would think that they would have higher prices, but FreedomPop can keep their prices low. FreedomPop also has other services that are free of cost or low in price as well. Other FreedomPop services include unlimited Wi-Fi through an application, home Internet service, and portable hotspots.

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