Marc Sparks The Great Venture Capitalist

Marc Sparks is a renowned venture capitalist and entrepreneur based in Dallas. He mainly concentrates in business and strategy planning. Sparks is known to have established and led a number of successful enterprises in various industries.

He helps young innovators and small businesses start-up. He offers his consultation and funding to help startups grow into successful companies.

Early Life

Mark Sparks was born in Texas. Perhaps, the reason why most of his efforts and philanthropy are directed towards the state.

He attended a high school based in Austin, Texas and graduated in the year 1985 with a C+. Though, this grade is not what you would expect of a successful chap such as Sparks, it actually was what shaped his path. Every time, he acknowledges God for having helped him through.


According to Good Reads, Marcs Sparks is known for his company Timber Creek Capital, LP. This is holds a portfolio of equity companies established and owned by Sparks. His philosophy is to start with a brilliant idea, then build on it to establish a successful company. He attributes his success to God’s grace and good planning.

When starting a company, Sparks will usually develop a mission and stamen. He then will have a strategy for how to achieve these. If you are to interact with his employees, they will tell you that he is one to lead by example. This is perhaps why he attracts and retain the highest talent in the industry.


Mark Sparks is known for his book, They Can’t Eat You. This book is about educating aspiring entrepreneurs from his life and was written following conviction by his colleagues. He uses his successes and failures, hoping that people can learn something from it.

This book is specially meant for those entrepreneurs who seem to be losing hope and are looking for inspiration. If you read it today, I guarantee you that your thinking will never be the same again.


Sparks derives peace and joy from giving back to the less fortunate in the society. His philanthropic side would be seen as early as the 80s. Most of his charitable projects are aimed at bettering the lives of the Texans. His major contribution is to the Samaritan Inn, which is a homeless shelter for the people of Texas.

He finds this project to be very beneficial for the undeserved living in it. His contributions also go to Habitat for Humanity, where he has funded the constructions of several homes. He is also an coherent supporter of the American Can! Academy, a local high school in the area.

The Philanthropic Giving of the Devos Family

Billionaire Rich Devos has long been a large donator various charities. Despite his great financial accomplishments in the past, Dick DeVos considers his philanthropic giving as his greatest work. The Devos family has stated that it has thus far given $1.2 billion in philanthropic giving. One of the family’s biggest giving sectors is in support of conservative political candidates. But they are also very generous with other causes in 2013 and 2014 combined giving more than $180 million. Most of their giving is to charities and hospitals in their hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Devos’ family has five different foundations: the Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, the Daniel and Pamella DeVos Foundation, the CDV5 Foundation, and the Douglas and Maria DeVos Foundation. These foundations are all unique, but are run by similar guiding principles.

Richard DeVos began amassing his considerable fortune in 1959 as co-founder of Amway. Today Amway brings in billions of dollars per year and Richard has become the second richest individual in Michigan. Richard and all of his children work in cooperation with each other in their giving with each of them taking turns giving to an agreed upon cause. After supporting conservative politicians, giving to Grand Rapids public schools is their biggest concentration of giving. Their longest area of concentrated giving has been in financial giving to Christian nonprofits that help the poor and needy. They do not simply give a random sum to these organizations and hope it is enough. The dollar amount given is always calculated for exactly what they need to be a successful charity.

They also do more than just give money to these non-profits. All of the family members have at various times sat on the board of a charity board somewhere in the world. Many of these boards are very high profile with celebrity members and world leaders on some of them.