Premium Dog Foods: Only the Best for Your Pet

The pet food industry is growing rapidly, and it is currently valued at $23.7 billion, making it one of the most profitable businesses. This is largely attributed to millions of pet owners who want nothing but the best for their companions. Richard Thompson, the CEO of the Freshpet Inc. in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is very much aware of the consumers’ need for perfection in their pets’ food. He ensures that his products are made from the best preservatives, fresh ingredients and limits the time the food takes on shelves. Their dog food is so delectable that Michael Hieger, his manufacturing chief, has no reservations when he pops a slice of their Chunky Chicken & Turkey Recipe into his mouth. Freshpet is among the innovators in the pet food venture that are attracting many pet lovers with healthy foods that are almost similar to what you put on your table. Traditional pet-food makers are being forced to step up their marketing game by stiff competition from upstarts, such as Blue Buffalo and Freshpet, who are transitioning the fresh and healthy movement to pet victuals. Colgate-Palmolive has developed kibble that helps your dog lose weight while Nestlé’s Purina has a site where owners can customize unique blends for their dogs. Mars Purinastore‘s Nutro Farm’s Harvest Line, made with cranberries and blueberries, is an effort to tap into the raging farm-to-table trend. Mar’s Cesar Home Delights line offers beef stroganoff and lasagna for dogs while Milo’s Kitchen sells grilled beef burger and duck jerky treats manufactured with artificial colors and flavors. Purina’s Beneful offers a wide range of wet dog food in various textures. There are over 20 varieties of wet dog food for owners to choose from. These varieties include beef, chicken, pork and even lamb. Beneful Brand Baked Delights is a range of oven-baked dog snacks that are available in various tastes such as bacon and beef. The treats also cover a wide range of textures, from crispy and airy crackers to savory shortbread cookie dog snacks. The strategy of having pets eat like their owners is working for pet food companies. With new ideas popping up almost daily, the pet food industry is set to grow in the coming days. Despite being more expensive than ordinary dog food, premium dog food sales are on the rise and can only get better from there. Big companies are fighting back by acquiring smaller upstarts and coming up with dog food innovations. Some of these innovations include Purina’s Bright Minds, a recipe for senior dogs, and Freshpet’s refrigerated dog food line.

How to Take Care of Pets Using Beneful

Animal like human beings need to be taken care of to ensure they enjoy life. Animal happiness can be ensured through many ways such as how they relate with the owner and most importantly how it is fed by the owner. To ensure the pet is healthy, it should be fed on balanced diets to ensure they have all that is needed by the body. Healthy diet also ensures that the pet are able to fight diseases that are brought by poor health. Dieting also keeps the animal in high moods and energy. The most common pet in all households is the dog. The simple reason as to why it is the man’s favorite is because of how it relates with human beings. It is helpful in many ways such as company, security and sometimes entertainment.

For a healthy pet, it must be provided with all the body requirements such as minerals and vitamins. It is however a hard task to find all these at a go and give them to the pet. Manufacturers have therefore come up with pet food that is made from a combination of all the ingredients that a pet requires in its body. This ranges from meat, fat, and minerals among other body requirements. There has been a misconception that pets like dogs can survive solely on meat which is protein. Research has however shown that they require other types of nutrients in their body that are found in other food apart from the meat.

A good example of such product is Beneful which is a special meal for dogs. It was made to make the work of dog owners easier when feeding the dog. It is made from a variety of ingredients that ensure a hundred percent balance. The product is one among many products manufactured by Purina which is a company that deals with dog care products. Among other brands that the company produces include Purina One and Alpo. There are also various Beneful brands with each having a special purpose. Examples of these brands include Beneful Originals with Real Beef, Beneful Playful Life, Beneful Healthy Weight and Beneful Healthy Puppy among others.  For example, Beneful Healthy Puppy is meant for growing puppies as it is rich in calcium which is largely needed by growing puppies.

Apart from ensuring the well-being of a pet through dieting, there are also other ways of taking care of a pet. Another way is through ensuring that it is free from diseases and pests.  A healthy pet is a joy to the owner and it is upon the owner to ensure that his or her joy is achieved through taking good care of the pet.

Cruelty Free Carnival Of Colors

Skin creams and makeup are just a few items that can provide confidence and assist us in showing the world a prettier face. However most don’t stop to consider how these products were made, particularly if animals were harmed. Sadly many cosmetic companies experiment with chemicals using animals, causing the voiceless creature to be exposed to dangerous materials causing suffering and its life to end too early. It is important when buying a new brand to choose a product that is cruelty-free to protect animals. One makeup company that you can be sure has never experimented on defenseless animals is Lime Crime on dollskill.

Being a cruelty-free cosmetic does not mean it is boring. Lime Crime guarantees consumers that their product offers vigorous, true-to-photo colors ranging from candy neon colors to subtle shades. Lime Crime was accepted to use the Leaping Bunny approved logo which indicates they indeed use cruelty-free measures in their product manufacturing (Leaping Bunny was created to assist consumers in locating animal-friendly products that were trustworthy).

With less than a thousand dollars, CEO Doe Deere founded Lime Crime because she could not locate cosmetics offering colors to allow self-expression. Deere solved this issue by creating cosmetics for lips, eyes and nails for men and women of any age and not tested on animals. Lime Crime’s lipsticks are of stunning quality. For example many black and red lipsticks can be difficult to wear because this shade (particularly black) can resemble a Halloween costume and look awful but Deere’s lip stain is exceptional. Of course one must still do touch ups in the lip corners however it stays on well and actually looks like the color in the photo.

Versatility is also what Lime Crime is about. Their Zodiac glitter can be used on lips or eyes or actually anyplace! One can create dazzling mermaid lips using Carousel Gloss in Snowsicle for the base, then gently dab on the glitter (visit Lime Crime’s official website for step-by-step instructions to achieve this look). The colors of the Zodiac glitter will change according to which angle you are standing and the cute little little jars go a long way. Lime Crime didn’t forget nails either, especially if you enjoy using bright colors which are smooth and opaque that you can achieve with just two coats.

For lips and eyes that people will instantly gaze at, nail color used alone or for art, do visit the Lime Crime web site.