The Kabbalah Centre Teaches Peace

The Kabbalah Centre has been in operation for some time, and it is a place that teaches peace to all who come through its doors. It is a centre that has been built by the Berg family to ensure all who wish to study may do so, and this article explains how the centre is helping those who wish to find the presence of God. There is a place for everyone in Kabbalah, and it may be found in one of their many offices.

#1: The Founding Of The Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre was founded by the Berg family as an open place where anyone would be able to study or worship as they saw fit. There is no religion at the Kabbalah Centre, and there is no need to profess a faith. Everyone may come in to use the library, and they may pray or search if they like.

#2: The Resources

The Kabbalah Centre is a place where everyone may come to use their resources. It is a safe space for many, and there are people in it every day doing something that they believe will bring them closer to the heart of God. They are searching, and they wish to find where God may be resting.

#3: Many Offices

There are offices around the world that were started by the Berg family, and anyone who is travelling may come to one of their many locations. The Kabblah Centre will be welcoming when needed, and they will have a book or place to pray for a newcomer who needs help.

The Kabbalah Centre is a place where many people have found themselves, and they will have a lovely time learning in a place that is free from judgment. The Berg family welcomes all who wish to learn.

Kabbalah Center Welcoming All Students

Study of the Kabbalah, once limited to studied Jewish men over a certain age, is now available to anyone who wishes to study. Kabbalah is a “living wisdom” and it’s study is not one religion, or one way of living. The study of Kabbalah is an applied wisdom, meaning that it’s students can derive as little or as much of the wisdom as they like and they apply it to their lives as they see fit.


Kabbalah Center opens it’s doors and it’s study to members of any religion, race, or gender. A Christian, Muslim, or Jew can study Kabbalah as well as those who practice no religion in general. Kabbalah is a study that can help anyone to live their religion or their life better as it is open to their interpretation and the way they would like to apply it to their life. Kabbalah is the study of ancient text and the interpretation and meaning it has in our life today. The study can unlock the complexities of life bringing clarity to the seemingly confusing and complex nature of the universe.


The center makes it easy for anyone to begin their study no matter where they are in life or where they are geographically. There are Kabbalah Centers located in many major cities in the US and throughout Europe making it easy for any interested student to find their way to a spiritual center. In it’s modern nature, Kabbalah Center also has an online university making it easy for students from anywhere at any time to access the online lessons and learn from video and text lessons if they cannot make it to a center or to supplement their learning. Kabbalah Center also publishes many books each year in many different languages making it possible for people to learn regardless of language they understand.


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