The Business Mogul with a Passion for Basketball

Many aspire to become great in the world, but only few people meet their long-aspired dreams and goals. This is due to lack of entrepreneurial skills, persistence and motivation to reach their goals. Those who fulfill their dreams become great in the field that they focus on while others diversify. Bruce Levenson is one of those people who have created a name for himself as a businessman and an NBA team owner of the Atlanta Hawks.

Bruce was born and raised by a Jewish family in Washington, D.C, and later grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He went to college at Washington University in St. Louis before graduating from law school at American University. Levenson also had a career in journalism at the Washington Star while studying law.

In 1977, Bruce came together with Ed Peskowitz to co- found United Communications Group (UCG).UCG is a business information firm that focuses on news, data, and analysis for various sectors of the economy including energy, banking, technology, healthcare, and telecommunication among others. They started out humbly from Levenson’s apartment by publishing Oil Express, which was their first newsletter.

Currently, UCG is one of the leading privately held business information companies. It has databases that include Oil Price Information Services, which has led to the establishment of GasBuddy mobile application that aids vehicle owners and drivers locate lowly priced gas in their local area. In addition, UCG has a customer base of two million clients to whom it provides necessary business information regarding various sectors.

Later in 2004, the partnership between Bruce and Peskowitz yielded the Atlanta Hawks basketball team, which was bought from Turner Broadcasting. The Atlanta Hawks fall under the partnership Atlanta Hawks LLC .The operating rights of the Philip’s arena also falls under their partnership.

Previously, Levenson has held other leadership roles apart from being a member of the NBA board of governors. He is the founding member of publicly traded TechTarget ,where he served on the Board of Directors until 2012 .In recent times ,he has engaged in a partnership to form DOT, which is a company that has come up with a cooking technology that toasts bread in three seconds. This is testament to his business acumen.

Other than being an executive, Bruce is a humanitarian that actively engages in various philanthropic activities. Together with his wife, they have been on the front line to create the Center for Philanthropy and Non-profit Leadership at the University of Maryland. In the past, he has served as the president of “I Have a Dream Foundation” to aid children from low-income families attains higher education.

Away from being actively involved in business, Levenson is also a man who loves engaging in sports activities. His interests range from golf, basketball, and adventure travelling with a recent visit to Antarctica where he spent three nights in a tented camp.

Bruce and Ed Peskowitz are inductees of the Software and Information Industry Association’s Hall of Fame .This came about in 1997 for their excellent work in United Communications Group.

Levenson recently expressed interest in trading his partnership shares for the Atlanta Hawks, and the rights to Philips arena. A process that is still going on with various interests bidding for ownership of the team.