Venezuela Fighting a Drought

Venezuela is facing one of it’s toughest droughts of the decade. The area around Venezuela’s Guri dam has now been turned into nothing more than a desert. With a 70-80 percent chance of rain hopefully on the horizon, the Venezuelan government is hoping the dam doesn’t fall below its critical depth of 240 meters according to Reuters,

Not only does the drought put a burden on the government, but also it’s citizens, economy, and livestock. Electricity Minister Luis Motta stated with the chance of upcoming rain, the hydroelectric plant located on the Caroni River has a chance of avoiding reaching it’s potentially critical rain water depths.

With the drought already affecting countless Venezuelan’s like Norka Luque, more rationing of the nation’s power and water could have devastating affects on Venezuelan lives daily. Electric Minister Matta is facing serious scrutiny on social media stating poor investment decisions, drought preparation, and power diversity are to blame for the drought.