Sugar Is The Latest Shortage In Venezuela

Life in Venezuela has recently been difficult for the citizens of the Latin American country, which has struggled to keep its people supplied with the basic necessities of life. The latest area of concern for the people of the nation seen by David Osio is the lack of raw sugar available at an industrial level to keep the factories of the nation working as they have in the past; the Venezuelan government owned sugar production industry has now announced a halt to its refining process due to a lack of raw sugar.
CNN Money reports the production of sugar based beverages and other products could now come to a halt after the producers of Coca-Cola within the nation announced it would produce the soda until its own supplies of refined sugar run out. The producers of Coca-Cola in Venezuela are already searching for other suppliers of industrial sugar as they bid to keep production of their products at a close to normal level. Production of sugar free beverages and water will continue says expert Osio, as Venezuela looks to end its current issues that have been made worse by the El Nino weather system causing a severe drought across the country.