Mother Nature Comes to the Rescue for Squaw Alpine


For several years, local businesses at the famed Olympic Valley Winter Resort in Tahoe struggled due to the drought-like conditions. As if the might of Mother Nature was not enough, there was also an ongoing uncertainty on the fate of Olympic Valley due to the continuing legal battle to incorporate the resort. Luckily, after a long time, fate seems to be at the side of the local businesses. Firstly, Winter has set in weeks earlier than predicted, which gave hope to locals that this year will be different as skiing slopes have opened for the public. Yet, another major success on the political front is the settlement of legal case to incorporate Olympic Valley. As such, backers of the incorporation provided a welcome relief by forfeiting their case.

Interestingly, the legal battle is won as a result of the efforts by the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, who has spend thousands of dollars to stop the efforts to incorporate the Valley. According to Andy Wirth, the win is a huge success for locals because incorporation would only mean higher tax for the locals and more cash in the pockets of landowners. He also claimed that incorporation would also increase the price and quality of basic services to the community such as road maintenance and snow plowing. Perhaps, another reason for the efforts to block the incorporation was the possible isolation that resorts in the Olympic Valley would face due to the lack of ability to pool resources with other like-minded communities in the surrounding area. Mr. Wirth also declared that he fought the legal battle because local small business would not be able to operate profitability, if the Olympic Valley was incorporated. In the near future, Squaw Valley Ski Holdings has plans to develop real estate and commercial areas of the ski resort. Among its largest projects is the Gondola ride that will connect Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows.

In a recent email, Fred Lifield, the backer of incorporation drive insisted that his team is ready to work with Mr. Wirth to build the community. For the businesses and residents of Olympic Valley, there couldn’t be a better news as both parties are trying to find a common ground. For now, it seems that the future of Olympic Valley and Squaw-Alpine resort is safe.

It should be noticed that Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings, which is the premier business in the area. As such, Andy is deeply committed to promoting the well-being of the community. He is actively involved in numerous environmental and community based projects in the area. As a former NAVY Seal, Andy also oversees support fund for the Navy veterans.

P.S. The original article was published in Reno-Gazette Journal.

Discover the Benefits of Being an Economist

The idea of analyzing figures and trends in business has remained crucial in the growth and development of a country. Some countries have suffered an economic bruise when they ignore advice from economists. This shows the importance of an economist in a society. Their main role is to study the behaviors of people. It also involves advising on how to produce different goods and services and distribute them for consumption while using the available resources. They also go ahead and give tips on what to produce, when and even for whom.

Christian Broda an economic think-tank

With his PHD, Christian Broda has moved from being an academic in class only. Previously, he worked in the University of Chicago as a Professor in the Booth School of business. He has now moved to great heights where he is now the Managing Director in a firm called Duquesne Capital Management. Broda on Forbes who has written for the American Economic Review has also remained smart in giving seasoned ideas about investments.

Advantage to self

An economist has a higher hand when making decisions. This is because with the knowledge about cost benefit, it will help make decisions in life. This includes choosing to work over the weekend or going out with friends or the family. The individual will also make informed decisions even when making a personal budget for shopping.

Adapting to changes

The world is changing every day and this call for analysis to be done to help a company align with the needed changes. This calls for a specialist who will help the company to study the trends and make a forecast. Through this a company will be able to save money in terms of imports and exports they make. An economist will also help a company to design the right strategy for employment and how to take care of the pension. This is because they can already forest how the economy will have changed when the company will be making the pension payments.

Understanding government policy

Every time the government announces change in policy. Annually, the government also makes a budget. For a company to take part in the advantages which comes with every budget, they need to understand the details. With a good economist who will analyze the details in the budget, the firm will take the advantage before others realize of the same. Also, while making investments, a company will be careful to align with ideas with the government plans.

Economists take opportunities

Having a broad mind which understands and makes a close study on the environment, a person with the knowledge of economics will make the best out of every opportunity.