ClassDojo Animated Shorts Encourage Community and Creativity

It is often accepted that many skills and abilities are predetermined in people and that talent and natural intelligence are primary factors. However, there is another idea that science has suggested over the years, that people can improve their intelligence if they learn it properly. This includes intelligence, and is referred to as the “growth mindset.”

ClassDojo shares this idea and, according to ClassDojo’s Critters Want to Teach You About Growth Mindsetson EdSurge worked with the Project for Education Research that Scales(PERTS) of Stanford University to release a five-episode animated series spreading word about the growth mindset.

ClassDojo is an app intended for creating a community between students, teachers, and parents. This communication app empowers teachers to encourage positivity and hard work in their students while keeping parents in the loop about their classes and their children’s successes. Parents can be more involved in their child’s education than ever before.

The app is designed to help students hone important skills that they will need in life, such as commitment and teamwork. The goal of the creators is to help make a positive environment and culture within classrooms and schools.

The online article states that ClassDojo has users in approximately one half of the United States’ classes. The first of the animated shorts was released in January 2016, using cute and colorful creatures to explain how children in school can strengthen their intelligence over time. The rest of the videos were released in the following weeks on Youtube and ClassDojo’s website, including a discussion guide for families and teachers.

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of ClassDojo Liam Don believes that the videos are an excellent opportunity to get education ideas out into the open and make change, while Executive director of PERTS Dave Paunesku said his group had never participated in a student-centric effort, nor had they done animation. He mentioned that the shorts are meant to teach that learning is more than simply hard work. It also requires planning and strategy for students to succeed.

PERTS is offering an online toolkit for teachers and parents, and will also be surveying teachers to find out how they affect their students’ behaviors in the classroom. ClassDojo was asked in the article if they would later start gaining profit for their endeavors, but Don does not seem to have plans for it yet.


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