Doe Deere Reveals Her Fashion Rules To Break

Doe Deere is a name that has a growing level of recognition amongst the fashion industry and those who are looking for the most forward thinking fashion followers in the world. Deere rarely discusses her work outside of her own blogs and social media posts, which are eagerly awaited by her millions of followers looking to see how she approaches fashion and personal style in the 21st century. Deere believes the fashion industry has become out of touch with the customers they are creating products for; Deere has now completed an interview designed to explain how she creates her own style by ignoring the common rules of pattern and cosmetics use.

The initial steps into the fashion industry of Doe Deere fell in the footsteps of her predecessors who learned their skills at fashion colleges; Deere studied in the cultural melting pot of New York, and brings her own range of experiences traveling from her native Russia to the U.S. to her LimeCrime brand.

Doe Deere took a different path to her contemporaries almost as soon as she completed her fashion training when she embarked upon a fashion line of her own with unique styles sold via an Online marketplace. The initial attempts at creating the LimeCrime brand included Deere attempting to market her clothing line with unique cosmetics styles, unfortunately she failed to find products that could be used successfully to create the image she had created. The rule breaking nature of Deere led to her creating her own range of cosmetics that fitted with the image she had hoped to create.

Doe Deere has spent a large amount of time breaking the traditional rules of the fashion industry that have dominated society for many decades. The idea that certain patterns cannot be teamed together is ignored by Deere who would rather her followers embark upon their own image and personal sense of style. Cosmetics feature heavily in the rules of fashion the founder and CEO of LimeCrime is looking to overcome for her followers; traditionally, strong makeup options could not be teamed together or used with vibrantly colored hair, but Doe Deere is confident her followers will do whatever it takes to feel good about themselves now and in the future.