Dog food innovations making the industry explode

Beneful‘s line of wet food come with only real ingredients which are finely chopped to make it palatable for your beloved pet. The little bits of real meat and vegetables are covered in sauce that bring out the delightful texture and shine. It is so easy to break apart with a fork that you will have to keep yourself from stealing your dogs treat. With the smell of thanksgiving it will really get you and your pets mouth watering. There is a combination of chunky meats, vegetables and whole grains that your dog can enjoy. All come in a resealable container so if your pet does not manage to finish the meal you can easily store it in the fridge for the next meal. The Beneful Medleys are only made with real meat, and nutritious vegetables, topped with a generous helping of sauce which will leave your dog longing for more.

Beneful line of dog food can be purchased nationwide in grocery stores, pet shops and mass markets. The Beneful brand dog food also offers coupons on for those looking to save some on their next purchase. These can be found online on Facebook, in magazines or newspapers and occasionally in the packaging of the pet food. If you would like to contact a Beneful representative just send them an email or call them on 1-888-236-3385. The staff at Beneful are always happy to help and have your dogs wellbeing at heart.

On a tour of the Freshpet Inc factory in Bethlehem Pennsylvania there was a possibility to taste some of the dog food that was being manufactured here. So you might think why would humans taste dog food, well this is no ordinary dog food, this is gourmet refrigerated dog food. The little chunks reminded you of Thanksgiving. This is a rapidly growing market which is now making annual sales of $23.7 billion. There are many other companies taking similar approaches trying to win over customers and their beloved pets. From gourmet to treats and everything in between is catered for.