Don Ressler and Made it Big in Online Fashion for Women

Don Ressler has become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the last several years. Don Ressler has been able to captivate a lot of audiences with his strong line of fashion for women through Fabletics and JustFab. This is how so many people have become acquainted with what Don Ressler is selling. He has become one of the most popular people in the world of e-commerce, and he seems to just be getting started. There are lots of people that are looking at what Don Ressler and his moves in the clothing industry, but he is not doing it all alone. The key to his success lies in knowing how to pick creative partners.

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What most people have seen when they checked out JustFab is the cool way that this company has been led by Kimora Lee. This was just the beginning. She was a the one that helped shoot JustFab to the top. That was a very interesting person to lead the brand. Don Ressler had already seen Kimora Lee in action with her Baby Phat brand, and he knew that she would be the right person to help the consumers build up interest in JustFab. They would check out this low cost solution because it was affordable. It would be the thing that would keep people interested in the clothes and shoes. Don Ressler knew that this could work on multiple levels so that made it easier to move to the next venture, Fabletics.

This would be another company that would be led by a celebrity. It was during this time that Don Ressler would recruit someone in the acting industry. Kate Hudson would come in and take the lead in a huge way. She has managed to create commercials and build social media buzz. There is so much talk about what this company is able to do, and it is all because Kate Hudson has made her mark. Don Ressler also has another partner, Adam Goldenberg, that has been helping him build his brand. This is the best thing about having a company like this. Don Ressler can steer the company in the right direction from behind the scenes and get help from celebrities that are interested in taking his companies to the next level.

Fabletics is the type of company that managed to become a leader in online fashion. This is because Ressler has built the anticipation for Fabletics.

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