Fabletics Inevitably Becomes A Chain Of Stores

Racked has released the amazing news that Fabletics will release news about its chain of storesĀ on YouTube. Fabletics is a fashion brand started by Kate Hudson for women just like herself, and the stores will reach women who are in dire need of better daily clothes. This article offers an explanation of why a move to a chain of stores makes Fabletics a better brand to shop with.

#1: What Is The Purpose Of Fabletics?

Fabletics was started to offer gym clothes to women that they may choose to wear every day. Daily gym clothes are now a high expression of fashion, and other fashion brands have been working to catch up with Fabletics. The high fashion that women may now wear on the way to the gym are very attractive, and the clothes produced by Fabletics may be worn anywhere.

#2: Are Fabletics Clothes Easier To Purchase In The Store?

Fabletics began with subscriptions, and the brand has grown from a pure subscription model to require large stores. Large stores allow Fabletics to flood the sales floor with clothing pieces that mix together wonderfully, and the company is expanding their clothing options for women generally. Women who wear gym clothes on the street will soon have access to hundreds of styles once only available online.

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Fabletics Plans to Open 100 Stores in the Next Few Years

#3: Quickly Changing Clothes During The Day

The idea of changing clothes slowly several times per day is quite an annoyance for women with busy schedules. They often must make several appointments in the same day wearing different articles of clothing, and Fabletics will provide all the necessary pieces in the same store. The expansion to over 100 stores across America will easily fulfill the needs of busy women in every state, and Fabletics will soon become much more of a household name.

Leveraging the name of Kate Hudson as Fabletics founder is the simplest method of reaching working women across America. Fabletics is the originator of the athleisure trend that is now raging in all the corners of fashion. Women who wish to wear their gym clothes out of the house now have the highest level of sophistication available.

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