Frans Schoeman-One of the Successful Corporate & Commercial Attorney in South Africa

Corporate & Commercial Law is a section of law that deals with issues of concern to companies and organizations. The law often relates to issues such as securities, bankruptcy, contracts, financial services regulation, finance, and banking. It provides the legal framework within which business and company operations are conducted.

Corporate and commercial lawyers represent corporations or commercial entities. Their main objective is to work for the interests of their clients. Besides legal counsel, corporate and commercial lawyers may also be hired to provide business advice.

To be a corporate or a commercial lawyer, one must obtain a Juris Doctorate. Most corporations in the United States prefer lawyers who have these qualifications from a law school accredited by the American Bar Association. In addition, they prefer lawyers with attorney’s license that allows them to practice law in the U.S.

In South Africa, several law firms are specialized in matters of corporate and commercial law. Their area of practice spans a broad variety of services virtually in all areas of business, commercial and corporate law. These firms have competent lawyers with broad expertise and experience in addressing the broad range of questions that can challenge any organization in today’s competitive environment.

One of the lawyers in South Africa who has hit headlines in handling cases related to corporate and commercial law is Mr. Frans Schoeman on ireport.cnn. Frans is the Director at Phatsima Diamond, one of the reputable law firms in Bellville, South Africa.

Phatsima Diamond is committed in providing not only affordable services but also creative and customized services on matters related to national and international transactions in a broad range of industries. There numerous practice lawyers led by Frans Schoeman reflect the firm depth of expertise and experience in corporate and commercial law representation. In addition to corporate and commercial law, their lawyers also have expertise and experience in other specialized legal areas such as business and environmental law.

One of the questions that many people would probably ask is why they should consider Frans Schoeman. This guy is regarded as one of the most recognized lawyers in matters of corporate and commercial law, business law, criminal law, administrative law, international law and environmental law.

A reliable corporate and commercial law attorney is the one with several years of practice experience. Frans Schoeman has all the required experience to represent or advise people on matters of concern to the corporate and commercial law since he has been in practice for more than 20 years. Working together with his partner Mrs. Hélène Joubert, both have become a force to reckon in corporate and commercial suits. They have helped many people navigate through the complex corporate and commercial legal procedures and policies while advocating for their litigation and appeals.

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  1. Many high profile individuals including organizations always seek his services because of his vast knowledge in those fields. Phatsima Diamond has a good history of offering dedicated legal representation services to its clients. I also have much for them to write my paper and I believe I can make a good grade from them too

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