How Securus Technologies Became the Hottest Thing Inside the Department of Corrections

There is a shift in what the investigators are using to break down the fraternization in the prison systems. More institutions are getting connected with a Securus Technologies system called THREADS. I researched this, and I discovered on PR Newswire’s website that this analytical tool is important because it cuts down on more prison activity that occurs on the inside.
Once people get into the prison system they build groups of gangs. People either make friends or enemies inside of those prison walls. A lot things can occur inside these prisons, but investigators can track inmates better and prevent a lot of crime that may occur on the inside.

I have seen a lot of prison shows and I see fraternization occurring all the time. I know that this can cause a lot of trouble so it makes sense to have software like what Securus has presented to the correctional facility industry. This company has a lot of different law enforcement products on the market, but this may be one of the most valuable products of all.

I certainly do believe that the world is a much better place thanks to the Securus Technology software. There are inmates that may be back out on the streets after a short prison stint if there is no evidence to show them on their worse behavior on the inside. These inmates that sell drugs, get in fights and kill people on the inside could still get out of prison early for good behavior if there is no system in place to catch their activities. Sometimes there are ringleaders that have other people under them that are doing the dirty work. With the THREADS software it is easier to determine who may be calling the shots on the inside.

The Securus Technologies company is known widely through the prison systems for THREADS. On the outside, however, this company is known more so for video visitation. That is the thing that has taken this company to the top with family members that have their loves ones that are incarcerated. It has become evident that there are many people that are downloading the app. They are finding it more convenient to use this app than driving to a prison. See the Youtube campaign to understand.

The THREADS system has become a major upgrade that many people are relying on. The investigators inside the prison system are able to do their jobs much more efficiently with THREADS.

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