Improving Real Estate Customer Experience Through The Use Of Technology

Davos Real Estate group is ranked amongst top real estate industries in the United States. The primary reason why the company is respected is due to their effort in making customers get the best experience in the real estate industry through sound financial plans supported by the use of modern technology.

Davos Real Estate boasts of its experienced senior executives like David Osio who have helped the company to give their customers real estate investment solutions that are profitable through regular renovations on real estate property and adjusted rental income.

To improve customer experience, the company launched the Davos CAP calculator, an application that could be used in calculating profits on investment, management of cash flow in real estate investment and evaluating the impact of mortgage in the profitability of an investment.

Speaking after launching the application, Gerard Gonzalez, a senior manager of Davos Real Estate confirmed that their company was working on other applications that could help streamline their services. Davos CAP Calculator can be downloaded freely from Google App store.

The other applications will be used in searching real estate properties in the United States, making mortgage calculations and communicating with the company’s professionals. Davos Real Estate group has a professional task force that is experienced in making property sales, rent adjustment, and property development.

The apps will also be used to calculate prospective rent from a property that an investor can earn in future. This will help the apps’ users to decide whether investing in the property is viable given the estimation on how much the property will earn them in the future. The app will help the clients to align their investment portfolios with their financial goals.

The company is a subsidiary of Davos Financial group of companies. Within two decades, Davos Financial group has grown into a top financial advice provider. Through the company’s founder and CEO David Osio, it has expanded its market to other cities like Geneva, New York, Panama City and many other towns.

David Osio is a financial expert with a wealth of experience in the business industry supported by a firm academic Background. Before starting Davos Financial group, Mr. Osio served as a senior executive in OPED enterprise, LETCO Commercial Companies, MGO and Banco Latino International.

Apart from the business Career, David Osio is also a generous individual who supports organizations such as UMA Foundation, Fundana Foundation, Saludarte Foundation of Art, The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation and a member of Miami Symphony Orchestra Board.

Follow Osio on Twitter: @davidosio1

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