In Control of Your Communication With Securus Technologies

Defining Securus Technologies
Securus Technologies will put you in control because it is an all-in-one account management company based in Dallas, Texas. It is the solution that leaves you in full control of inmate communication between you and your incarcerated loved one. It will provide you with a number of superior features including access 24 hours a day. Everyone can have access to their account from the following:
* personal computer
* smartphone
* tablet
This is patented technology that does provide excellent alternatives to inmate phone calls that lead to public safety.

The Release of the Mobile Video Visitation App
Securus Technologies has announced their latest launching. They have launched a mobile application for video visitation. This app is available for the following:
* Android smartphones
* tablets
* mobile application
* iPhones
* iPads
* iPod touches 
The video visit mobile application is another method that provides a convenient way to visit with an incarcerated individual. This is a helpful app that allows you to remain in contact with any incarcerated loved ones. This is an app that will allow for visits and maintaining connections. Previously, all family and friends who wanted to remain in contact with a loved one who was incarcerated had no choice in how they could participate in a visit. This is an app that will make certain that visitation with your loved one will be convenient and clear. This new application will be good for all needed communication during an incarceration. This is great because it will allow the family and friends to share their every day happening with those who are in jail. This will keep the parents and children engaged in family events. This is safe communication that will be good for everyone.

Securus is Made Simple 
Securus has made it simple to connect with your loved ones who have been incarcerated. This is a technology that is easy and effortless. These improvements have led to a boost in business and, in turn a expansion in leadership. This is taking control in Communication. You will appreciate having the ability to access your entire account and the activity. This has been made simple to stay completely up-to-date with all of your communication matters and concerns. This includes TextPay and AutoPay features. There is more information about Securus Technologies provided on this link.