John Goullet Is A Favorite Of Fortune 500 Companies

When it comes to Fortune 500 companies, they have gotten to where they are by working with only the best people possible. That means the employees and anyone they allow to interact with them. That is why it speaks so highly of John Goullet, the Principal Executive of Diversant, that they trust him in the present and have in the past. One must remember this is the John Goullet that founded Info Technologies and was put in charge of finding solutions for Fortune 500 companies. When they want solutions, they want them as quickly as possible and they know that time is of the essence. While it is a great deal of responsibility, it is not something that John Goullet is afraid of, which is why he is the right man for the job.

Diversant is a company that prides itself on being different in every single thing that they do and it is part of their day to day business. After all, their motto is empowered by difference. When they look at IT professionals, they look at them long and hard. A lot of people have impressive resumes and have great educations, but do they have other factors that stand out that can’t be seen on a sheet of paper? Do they have the proper intangibles? Do they know how to command a room and get people to respect them? Do people listen to them? Do they have the mental toughness?

That is what John Goullet is looking for and that is what Fortune 500 companies are looking for out there. He does not want to let them down and he also does not want to set up an IT professional with a Fortune 500 company and it is not a good fit. Nobody wins in that situation. That is why he takes his time and really gets to know the person before he puts them in a certain situation. After all, his reputation is on the line and he has worked hard to obtain that and achieve that. He also cares about the people he is working with.

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