Pushing Negative Content Down In Search Engine Results

Why Push Down Negative Content In Search Engine Results?

This is a good question. Why would you want to put negative articles about your self or your firm towards the bottom of search engine results like Bing, Yahoo and Google? The answer to that question is these negative articles and content can badly damage your reputation. A poor reputation can destroy credibility. A lack of credibility in today’s increasingly digital world can really hurt a company’s sales.

The loss of revenue from a damaged reputation is especially pronounced if you are a client that offers a professional service such as financial advising, law service, medical service or design. People now look up companies and individuals on the internet on an ever increasing basis before they decide to purchase a product or hire a service. The internet is now seen as a way of establishing whether a company is trustworthy, safe to buy from and if they offer a quality product.

In the case of professional services, if an individual spots negative content about a person who offers professional services, the likelihood of that person hiring the professional is greatly diminished. Even a single bad article can wreck havoc on a person’s reputation and consequently their business. This is especially profound if the negative article is ranked at or near the top of search engine results. When it comes to search engine results in today’s digital world, your first impression states a lot about who you are. It can also sometimes determine what people think of you without digging deep in your background and into the story behind the negative content.

How Are Negative Articles Pushed Down?

Negative articles are brought down in ranking in a variety of ways. The most effective way is through white hat tactics, like online reputation management. This involves the creation of positive content to counteract the negative and sometimes false attacks found on the net about a person or firm. Creation of new content can include building a personal website, a personal blog, social media profiles and press releases. It can also involve SEO. Search engine optimization is what determines where a page ranks in a search engine result page.

Bury Bad Articles, A Company That Pushes Down Bad Articles

An example of a company that puts negative and false publicity where it belongs is a company called Bury Bad Articles. This firm provides a free, no obligation estimate of what it will cost and take to push your negative content on the web down in the search engines. Their work is also guaranteed. You will be given a refund if you find their work to be ineffective or are not satisfied with the job done by Bury Bad Articles.