Ted Cruz Attack Of John Kasich And George Soros Proven False, Taken Off Air In Wisconsin

It seems that everyone is fair game once they enter the political arena, even financiers like George Soros. The 85-year-old hedge fund manager has accumulated over $20 billion worth of wealth and is a celebrity in the financial world. He took it upon himself to found the Open Societies Foundation in order to promote democracy, open societies and accountability across the globe on biography.com. He says it is his obligation now that is accumulated so much wealth, using his money and power to promote good.

The man is a sympathetic figure. He was born in 1930 in Budapest, Hungary, and endured World War II’s Nazi occupation as a Jewish boy. The war destroyed the world of George Soros and his family, who changed their name to escape persecution and eventually fled as immigrants to England in 1947 on http://www.nytimes.com/topic/person/george-soros. The man has experienced a lot and has come from nothing to build his fortune. For this, he is a hero, no matter where you fall on the political spectrum.

In this election cycle he has donated over $10 million to left-leaning organizations and to the Democratic presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton. His money also founded MoveOn.org, the liberal organization that is now promoting and endorsing Bernie Sanders for president. George Soros on twitter makes these donations in good faith, believing that these politicians and organizations will help promote open societies around the world. But his good faith donations have made him a target of conservative reporters and politicians. To them, he is like the liberal Koch brother and they use his name as a rallying cry for their voter base. In the world of conservative politics, if you are associated with George Soros then your career is over. And that’s exactly what the super PAC of Ted Cruz tried to do to John Kasich in Wisconsin recently.

The Trusted Leadership super PAC has been funding a creepy attack ad against John Kasich in Wisconsin this past week. The commercial claims that the super PAC of John Kasich has received well over half $1 million in donations from George Soros. The donations, the advertisement claims, come from two of his former employees, promoting the idea that the donations were made through back channels so that conservative voters did not learn about them.

But the John Kasich campaign on Bloomberg has reached out to television stations that have since taken the ad off the air because, according to PolitiFact Ohio, the claims made by the advertisement are false. The former employees of George Soros just so happen to be long time conservative contributors that both happen to endorse John Kasich for president. It was a bold stretch made by the Trusted Leadership super PAC that turned out to be a lie, but the damage may have already been done.