The 990 Company Presents A Win-Win Business Model

At an age when a majority of kids are trying to get their drivers license, Greg Hague was busy working on getting his real estate license, which he received when he was just 18 years old. With an excess of over four decades of experience in the real estate business, Greg helped many people to buy and sell their homes. Greg Hague literally grew up in the real estate business learning the trade from the family’s real estate businesses from his early teen years. It was very evident that Greg was going to bring new ideas that would revolutionize how this industry does business.

True to his own expectations, Greg came up with the $990 commission idea that caught the attention of the entire real estate industry. The concept was a big hit, not just with the sellers but also among other agents who were willing to buy into the unique concept. Greg established a company called the 990 sells homes Company, which put his ideas into practice.The homeowners are the most dedicated party when it comes to selling their home, and next to them is their real estate agent because that’s how they make a living. With a traditional agent, the homeowner just has to wait and hope that the agent will find a suitable buyer.

In the past, there was no motivation for the homeowner to try and sell the home on their own because there was no incentive when they already had a realtor. With the 990 Company, the two most dedicated parties in selling the home are working in tandem. The agent is working hard to find a buyer before the homeowner finds someone on their own, so they can make a full commission on the sale.

For homeowners, going through the 990 Company seems to be common sense. The worst case scenario will be selling their home at a full 6% commission, which they would have to pay to any other agent, and the best case scenario is saving huge money on commissions. For an agent, even if they don’t get a full commission on a certain sale, they’ll still have prospective buyers who they might be able to sell other homes to. This looks like a winning situation for both the seller and the agent. With the real estate industry slowly recovering from a major downfall, which wiped out most of the home equity, the 990 Company is a welcome option for homeowners to save big on commission costs.

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