Workville has brought Coworking Spaces to the masses

Work is a vital part of human life. Every day people wake up and head to work. They are able to earn their keep and make a difference in society. People will keep working forever, but the way they are working is changing forever. There is an increased move towards coworking spaces throughout the world. These coworking space offer a unique experience for people. This may seem like a new idea, but it actually hearkens back to an old tradition.

During the Renaissance, shared work spaces were incredibly popular. People from all trades worked together in the same spaces. Craftsmen, artists, painters, sculptors, and other talented people all worked together in the same space. They formed powerful communities that proved extremely beneficial for people throughout society. New and exciting ways of creating products emerged from this new way of working.

In Florence, these shared workplaces made all the difference. They allowed craftsmen and artists to make huge connections with one another. They also were able to share knowledge between fields, forever changing the way that work is done. One great example is Andrea del Verrocchio. He became a talented scuptor, painter, and goldsmith. He took in many different students, but he did not limit them to just his knowledge. His willingness to work with other craftsmen produced the brightest men that our world has ever seen. Da Vinci, Botticelli, and Perugino all spent time working with Andrea del Verrocchio.

Coworking spaces made a huge impact on the world during the Renaissance, but they have since been abandoned. The factory mentality allowed great production gains, but ability to talk with other workers was lost. Now the technology sphere is bringing coworking back. Several companies have presented new coworking spaces. Google has started “Campus” in London, and Nextspace has launched in California. These companies offer a huge opportunity for those that want to work together with other professionals.

One great coworking space is Workville in New York City. Workville wants to be an extremely creative and collaborative community, so they offer several amenities for those that work their. Coffee, telephone lines, dry cleaning, and printers are all readily available. Workville is an extremely inspiring environment allowing young start-ups to work together and become brighter due to this collaboration.

Coworking spaces should become incredibly popular for years to come, but there are already several important companies in the coworking space. Workville is one amazing option for those that want to experience this new trend.